Addressing the Chair

UpTights has recently set up a marketing committee for chambers and I attended its inaugural meeting yesterday evening. She opened by saying, ‘Now, before we get started I’d like to clarify exactly how I wish to be addressed.’ ‘What, like an envelope?’ asked OldSmoothie. UpTights ignored the remark and continued, ‘I don’t think the name […]

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Work is in the air

‘I love the turning back of the clocks, BabyB.’ It was my solicitor SlipperySlope on another visit to chambers with his neice NurserySlope. ‘Why’s that?’ I asked innocently. ‘Oh, you know. Nights drawing in, long cosy evenings in front of the fire.’ ‘What nonsense,’ interrupted Nursery. ‘You were telling me just now that you like […]

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London Counsel

TheBusker gives as good as he gets when he encounters a plain-speaking opponent in a Yorkshire court

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Snakes and ladders

We’ve got a new crop of pupils running around chambers at the moment and today they were all standing neatly in a row in chambers tea. OldSmoothie was the first to comment. ‘Look at you. All unformed. Still finding your place in the world. One minute you’ll be buzzing around feeling like a drone and […]

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Know your judge

I am against TheBusker this week in a three day personal injury case in which we are arguing both over liability and also the value of the claim. TheBusker is defending the claim and of course if he wins on liability all other arguments fall away. My solicitor had called the case a ‘dead cert’ […]

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How to win a hopeless case

I’ve often heard TheBusker chuckle about the many ways to win even the most hopeless of cases. ‘Everything’s winnable once you have a real, living and above all fallible judge sitting in front of you. Maybe you’ll start off chatting about the weather or a particular detail relevant only to him such as his mother’s […]

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Late payment

‘I received a cheque today for a case I did over twenty-five years ago.’ It was OldRuin and he was smiling as he told the story at chambers tea. ‘It was accompanied by this note from the senior partner of the firm of solicitors who sent it: “Dear OldRuin, I realise that even by the […]

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The glamour of the bar

“I suppose you must have been busy recently,” said my mother yesterday. “Er, yes,” I replied. “Same as ever, I guess.” “But what with all the rioting and the like,” she continued, “I imagine it must have been particularly hard. Since you’ll have got the call up, that is.” “The call up?” “Oh, I don’t […]

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Time clock

OldSmoothie had a solicitor client today who was wise to OldSmoothie’s billing tactics and was extremely keen to keep the costs to a minimum. ‘I didn’t send any papers along as I wanted to be with you when you were going through them.’ ‘No problem at all,’ said OldSmoothie. ‘Now, would you like a coffee […]

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Kangaroo court

Earlier this week it was TheVamp suffering judicial ignorance. Today I had the pleasure of being subjected to the following judgment: ‘Mr BabyBarista tells me there is clear court of appeal authority to say that I cannot find for the proposition put forward by the other side. That may well be so. But this is […]

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