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Kangaroo court

Earlier this week it was TheVamp suffering judicial ignorance. Today I had the pleasure of being subjected to the following judgment: ‘Mr BabyBarista tells me there is clear court of appeal authority to say that I cannot find for the proposition put forward by the other side. That may well be so. But this is […]

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I’m appealing

UpTights was against OldSmoothie today and his pupil reported what happened later in the day. When she turned up, she looked more uneasy than usual. ‘I’ve started a new diet,’ she said somewhat defensively as she approached. ‘Four hundred calories a day all taken as liquid.’ As she got closer the reason for this introduction […]

October 21, 2014 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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Handling the client

I don’t know what it is about family law barristers but there’s a large number that seem to take the whole thing extremely personally. I say that after having had to endure such a case this morning. As I sat flicking through my papers in the robing room, the peace and tranquility was suddenly interrupted […]

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Judicial assistance

Okay, so here’s an admission. I do a lot of car cases. I cross-examine other drivers on their driving abilities and have a go at them for breaching the Highway Code. Pretty average for a common law barrister, you might say. That is, were it not for the fact that I’ve never actually learned to […]

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