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Late payment

‘I received a cheque today for a case I did over twenty-five years ago.’ It was OldRuin and he was smiling as he told the story at chambers tea. ‘It was accompanied by this note from the senior partner of the firm of solicitors who sent it: “Dear OldRuin, I realise that even by the […]

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The glamour of the bar

“I suppose you must have been busy recently,” said my mother yesterday. “Er, yes,” I replied. “Same as ever, I guess.” “But what with all the rioting and the like,” she continued, “I imagine it must have been particularly hard. Since you’ll have got the call up, that is.” “The call up?” “Oh, I don’t […]

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Time clock

OldSmoothie had a solicitor client today who was wise to OldSmoothie’s billing tactics and was extremely keen to keep the costs to a minimum. ‘I didn’t send any papers along as I wanted to be with you when you were going through them.’ ‘No problem at all,’ said OldSmoothie. ‘Now, would you like a coffee […]

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