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OldSmoothie was boasting last night to just a couple of us in the clerks room about his latest sexual conquest. Apparently she was not only his opponent last week but is also twenty years younger than him. UpTights walked in on the conversation and said: “You really are a sad, lonely and dirty old man. […]

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Killing time

“You’re always rushing around, BabyB. Chopping up your life into hours, minutes, seconds. It’s what you lawyers are about. But if you’re not careful BabyB, you’ll turn into one of them and your whole life will be lost onto some dusty, meaningless timesheet.” It was my mother and I didn’t argue because she was right. […]

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Money-go round

I was at a meeting this morning with Slippery, ScandalMonger, Smutton and TheBoss. Slippery looked in a particularly self-satisfied mood and mused: “You know, I was reading a story the other day in which the world became so technologically complicated that when a glitch occurred there was no-one left who knew how to fix it. […]

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Who guards the guards?

OldRuin was in chambers today and talking to HeadClerk about police powers. “It’s the age old problem,” he said. “It’s all very well having an independent police force but then who guards the guards?” “We do. The people,” said HeadClerk. “You know, through Parliament.” “You’re right, of course,” answered OldRuin. “But who guards them?” “Well, […]

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Barrister mating rituals

After their failed negotiation of last week, UpTights and OldSmoothie were against each other in court yesterday. OldSmoothie’s pupil was careful to take an accurate note of their learned last words on the case before they went into court and then he immediately posted it on Facebook. “You’re a stretched and gabbling shrew-faced old haridan […]

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