Money-go round

I was at a meeting this morning with Slippery, ScandalMonger, Smutton and TheBoss. Slippery looked in a particularly self-satisfied mood and mused: “You know, I was reading a story the other day in which the world became so technologically complicated that when a glitch occurred there was no-one left who knew how to fix it. They all ended up back in the stone age. You see, that’s what I love about our glorious profession.”

We all looked at him blankly, wondering where this was going. “It’s simple. The harder we work at complicating everything the more essential we become to being able to fix it. A wonderful, money-making virtuous circle.”
“The first thing we’ll do is kill all the lawyers,” quoted Scandal.

Smutton was not looking quite her flirtatious self today and even looked a little sad. She looked at Slippery and said: “I remember so clearly when you arrived in our firm all those years ago. All bright eyes and talking about your love of movies. What happened Slippery? Where did it all go wrong?” We all looked at her surprised at her change of tone. “Who hurt you?” she added.

December 15, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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