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Tricks of the trade

“One of the witnesses in my case had a classic give away under cross-examination,” said BusyBody today. “Kept scratching her nose each and every time she lied. In the end even the judge was chuckling along with me.” “I tend to find that their eyes go up and to the left as if they’re trying […]

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Steering clear of the clients

“It’s about time everyone in chambers qualified for direct access,” announced the modernising Slick today. “You must be joking,” said OldSmoothie. “Can’t think of anything worse, in fact.” “What? You don’t want access to that huge pile of potential fees which is the general public?” said Slick. “It’s all very well giving us direct access […]

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Passing the buck

“I got contacted by a PR agency today,” said OldSmoothie. “They wanted to send me a copy of a new law book. Very kind, I replied, here’s my address. All good so far. Then came a short reply back asking me to sign an attached non-disclosure agreement in order to, er, protect the book before […]

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