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Tempus fugit

We had a chambers meeting today and the funniest thing happened – there was a watch off. It happened like a kind of ostentatious Mexican wave which started with TheCreep producing his brand-spanking new Tag Heuer watch and planting it down on the conference table in front of him so that, as he mumbled in […]

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Short skirts and long looks

HeadofChambers was in pensive mood today and in his most judicial tones, he commented on TheVamp’s dress in the following way as she came into tea: “Is it just me or are skirts getting shorter these days?” “Yes, and men’s looks are getting longer,” replied TheVamp. “Particularly a rather well known circuit judge I could mention,” […]

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

I’m really delighted and honoured that my favourite cartoonist and good friend Alex Williams has agreed to publish one of his cartoons on this blog each week. Whilst he is now a hotshot Hollywood animator he also qualified as a barrister in his youth and this led him to draw the Queen’s Counsel cartoons both for The Times […]

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Response to Matt Muttley’s instructions

I asked OldSmoothie how he thought I should answer the instructions which came in last week from Matt Muttley over at the blog of my good friend Charon QC. “What? That double-dealing little reptile who struts around the high court as if he owns the place? I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could […]

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Court closures and toe-rags

Much discussion at chambers tea today about the new coalition government’s consultation document on which courts they intend to close. “I’m glad to see Ilford’s on the list,” said OldSmoothie. “There’s never a good way of getting to that court and then even when you arrive, well…” Knowing looks were shared and then BusyBody added […]

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I met up with Claire over the weekend and another junior member of her own chambers who I can only call MockingBird. You see she’s as brassy a Northerner as you’re ever likely to meet and calls all men ‘lads’ and ladies ‘birds’. She makes a point of only drinking pints of beer and is […]

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Bring back sleaze…

OldSmoothie was being particularly indiscreet today at chambers tea today as he regaled everyone with the details of BigMouth’s confession. “Hearing heart-warming stories like that gives me an almost nostalgic feeling that everything in the world is back to how it should be,” said HeadofChambers. “What, where politicians are sleazy?” said TheBusker. “And lawyers greedy?” […]

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Moldies update

People have been asking what’s been going on with the Moldy litigation in which a bunch of self-styled ‘mad oldies’ or Moldies are suing a wireless company for injuries they say was caused by their technology. The Moldies have made it clear they want to settle but the other side have so far shown no […]

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Conflicts of interest

OldSmoothie’s friend BigMouth somehow managed to survive the electorate and remains a Tory MP albeit, like an old piece of chewing gum, forever stuck to the backbenches. Yesterday he was in chambers looking for a little assistance and OldSmoothie brought me into the conference to take notes. “Two of my constituents lost their entire life […]

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Much chatter in chambers today with the arrival of a new tenant in the form of LibertyBelle. She’s a couple of years call and has been taken on from a criminal set of chambers where she’d dreamt of defending people’s civil liberties but found that the clerks were simply sending her on the road traffic […]

June 15, 2010 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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