Short skirts and long looks

HeadofChambers was in pensive mood today and in his most judicial tones, he commented on TheVamp’s dress in the following way as she came into tea: “Is it just me or are skirts getting shorter these days?”

“Yes, and men’s looks are getting longer,” replied TheVamp.

“Particularly a rather well known circuit judge I could mention,” said BusyBody. “I’m sure he’s getting worse. I mean, whenever I appear in front of him I get the feeling that his eyes undress me.”

“Must have very big eyes then,” said OldSmoothie somewhat ungallantly.

June 28, 2010 · Tim Kevan · 2 Comments
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  1. Andrew - January 17, 2010

    As a solicitor I once instructed Ms X, a very attractive woman, in an Employment Tribunal (hence no gown) and on Day One she had left one button too many open on her blouse. I had to struggle with my eyes to make them behave themselves as we discussed the case, and later, from the safety of a seat behind her, I could see the Chairman, as we then still called him, having the same problem. Fortunately or alas, she covered up at lunchtime!
    Come on, ladies, male lawyers are only human!

  2. asure - January 19, 2010

    Beauty Is in the Eye of the