Moldies update

People have been asking what’s been going on with the Moldy litigation in which a bunch of self-styled ‘mad oldies’ or Moldies are suing a wireless company for injuries they say was caused by their technology. The Moldies have made it clear they want to settle but the other side have so far shown no interest at all in doing so. All of which has meant that I’ve had to resort to one or two underhand methods to try and gather some dirt. So far, though, no luck and with judgment approaching I am bracing myself for disappointment. This on top of a professional conduct complaint that my arch enemy TopFirst made against me and which will kick in after the case comes to an end. So with all this in mind, my only option has been to try and delay the judgment for as long as possible in the hope that I can get some leverage together for the other side. Which explains why today I emailed JudgeFetish further submissions from our side which although they don’t have permission might precipitate another hearing before any judgment is given.

June 17, 2010 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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