Much chatter in chambers today with the arrival of a new tenant in the form of LibertyBelle. She’s a couple of years call and has been taken on from a criminal set of chambers where she’d dreamt of defending people’s civil liberties but found that the clerks were simply sending her on the road traffic cases just to keep her in her place. So much so that she wanted out and after a chance meeting with OldSmoothie who promised her a plethora of public law instructions (a bare-faced lie) she finally jumped ship.
BusyBody immediately went off to make friends and check her out and was today introducing her to people at chambers tea. As she came to HeadofChambers she mentioned that she was interested in human rights.
“And are you for or against?” he asked with wide-eyed innocence.
Poor LibertyBelle didn’t know how to take such a comment and earnestness was about to get the better of her and lead to a rant when she was saved by BusyBody who answered: “Well I suppose even the best of us might be loathed to defend the rights of patronising and aged old barristers like yourself. A bit of detention without trial might do you the world of good.”
“Though I’m sure the jailers would have something to say if they had to put up with him twenty-four seven. I mean, surely they have human rights too?” added UpTights.

June 15, 2010 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Abigail - June 17, 2010

    Two years’ call, eh? That is surely enough to knock any idealism out of her. How “We don’t want to get criminals off” becomes “I defend, the fiscal prosecutes, the Sheriff decides, and if they don’t do their job properly that is not my concern”.