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The Legal Cave

I went along with OldRuin to a negotiation today with the other side’s lawyers. They were pointing out a couple of technical deficiencies in our case which appeared to have no merit other than us not having ticked quite the right boxes before the lawyers got involved. “You know,” said OldRuin, “sometimes I look at […]

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I was telling Claire about the terrible performance of my consultant neurologist in a case I did yesterday. She replied, ‘My pupilmistress used to say that you should never trust experts. As she put it, the ‘x’ stands for the unknown factor and the ‘spurt’ is simply a drip under pressure.’ Then she smiled and […]

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Mini-pupil fest

Chambers is currently awash with law students on their Summer holidays doing mini-pupillage. “Mini-pupillages are a complete and utter waste of time for everyone,” said OldSmoothie. “It is for those who get you at least,” said BusyBody. “Though in itself that’s probably a valuable insight into life at the Bar.” “It’s definitely good for the […]

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King of the pupils

With August now upon us, the Temple has been beset by a veritable plague of mini-pupils. Little worker ants strutting their stuff and cracking jokes about how stupid or thick this or that Law Lord is to have written this or that irrelevant judgment. With all this activity, TheCreep has spotted an opportunity to make […]

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