Mini-pupil fest

Chambers is currently awash with law students on their Summer holidays doing mini-pupillage.
“Mini-pupillages are a complete and utter waste of time for everyone,” said OldSmoothie.
“It is for those who get you at least,” said BusyBody. “Though in itself that’s probably a valuable insight into life at the Bar.”
“It’s definitely good for the CV,” said TheCreep. “I did twelve mini-pupillages during my time at university.”
“Now there’s a surprise,” said TheVamp.
“Though you do have to ask why we reward people for just turning up in chambers, following us around and making coffee at the drop of a wig,” said TheBusker.
“Maybe it’s a test to filter out those who don’t have a sufficiently servile temperament to survive pupillage,” said TheVamp.
“But you’ve got to admit that they’re pretty annoying,” said OldSmoothie. “I can just about live with having one Creep in chambers even if it’s just to make fun of. But having a whole army of them descend each Summer is unbearable.”
“You’re talking absolute rubbish as usual OldSmoothie,” said BusyBody. “It opens up the place to people who otherwise might not even dream of applying and hey, they add a bit of youth and colour to a pretty arid environment.”
“And anyway, you didn’t seem to mind that pretty young law student last week,” said UpTights. “Getting her to spend two days, er, what was it? Oh yes, ‘arranging your Weekly Law Reports’.”
“Ooh err,” said TheVamp with a smile.
“Well it’s exactly why so many senior barristers take August off,” said OldSmoothie soldiering on.
“I thought it was because the High Court closed then,” said TheVamp.
“What and you really think we’re going to tell the truth: that we can’t stand having self-important, jumped-up and annoying oiks pawing at us all day. I hardly think so.”
“Maybe they actually choose August specifically to avoid having self-important, jumped-up and annoying silks pawing at them all day instead,” said UpTights.

August 11, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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