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Drawn swords and driving sheep

“I hear you’re about to be made a freeman of the City of London,” said UpTights today. “Yes,” said OldSmoothie puffing out his chest as if we were meant to be impressed. “Should help my case for becoming a people’s peer as well.” “Yeh, right,” said BusyBody. “Because being given some sort of masonic award […]

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The pupil strikes back

I felt sorry for my opponent today at least at the start. He’s a tall skinny fresh-faced pupil who looks as if he’d completely topple over if you were even to blow in his direction. Kind of a posh English version of Napoleon Dynamite with the sort of face which looks as if it’s constantly […]

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Paying for experience

HeadofChambers was telling us all in tea today that he had had a solicitor email him questioning how he could possibly justify charging £5,000 for a half an hour conference and asking for a breakdown. His reply echoed an apocryphal bill once sent by a doctor and said: 1. Conducting the conference – £250 2. […]

May 5, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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