Drawn swords and driving sheep

“I hear you’re about to be made a freeman of the City of London,” said UpTights today.

“Yes,” said OldSmoothie puffing out his chest as if we were meant to be impressed. “Should help my case for becoming a people’s peer as well.”

“Yeh, right,” said BusyBody. “Because being given some sort of masonic award for having eaten lots of dinners in an obscure City livery company is really in touch and down with the, er, people.”

“What, are you in some way suggesting that it’s a meaningless, out-dated and irrelevant title given by a group of pompous non-entities to one of their own?” asked UpTights sarcastically.

“Although when you put it like that, I can see why he might draw the parallel with the Lords,” smiled TheVamp.

“But doesn’t it come with all sorts of rights?” said TheCreep. “Like driving sheep over London Bridge and going about the City with a drawn sword.”

“I’m afraid not,” said HeadofChambers. “I once had to advise on these rights and I’m afraid they’re all bunkum. Exemption from tolls on animals and a few other minor things were about your lot even back in the day.”

“Oh don’t worry Mr CreepyWeepy,” said TheVamp with mock sympathy. “You can draw your sword for me any time you like.”

With which he went bright red and disappeared into the corner of the room.

May 27, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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