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Blustering buffoons

‘One of the great advantages of being a barrister is that it’s almost completely unaccountable to the people who employ you in the first few formative years of practisc.’ It was OldSmoothie lecturing one of the new pupils. ‘Formative in the sense of making mistakes off the backs of others,’ said HeadofChambers. The pupil looked […]

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Crying wolf

OldSmoothie was moaning about insurance companies today. ‘There’s one out there at the moment which is haemorrhaging losses so fast that it’s pretty much gone into meltdown. Simply stopped paying any claims and spuriously claiming that they’re investigating the possibility of fraud on each one.’ ‘Can they get away with that?’ I asked. ‘It’ll probably […]

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Clothes make the man

‘I assume that you don’t intend to go to court like that BabyBarista?’ It was HeadofChambers. ‘Er, yes, that’s exactly what I’m about to do. Is there something wrong?’ ‘Is there something wrong? Hmm, where to start?’ He took a deep breath and went on, ‘BabyBarista, I had the benefit of having been born looking […]

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Honour among er, barristers

With wars, terrorism, government cuts and warnings of imminent economic collapse, there’s at least one constant in this fragile world: that lawyers will always be arguing about their costs. Not just arguing but passionately putting forward their cases in a way rarely seen when their own cash isn’t involved. Greed for lawyers is certainly good, […]

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Car crash barrister

There’s a young barrister who’s fast becoming notorious around the Temple as the worst barrister ever. His pleadings are embarrassing and his performances in court have the same rubber-necking attraction as a terrible car crash playing itself out in slow motion. Today, TheBusker had the pleasure of being against him and he was telling the […]

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