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Put out to pasture

“Ah, Mr Wheaton,” said HeadClerk today. “I have a possession hearing for you in Lambeth.” There was silence in the clerks room as the other barristers passing through took in the full implications of what was being said. The aged John Wheaton looked distraught. You could tell that something very serious had just been indicated […]

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Spring Forward in Your Career

Brought to you by our friends at the Sellick Partnership Friday 21st March sees a new season arriving and the country saying goodbye to a cold, wet winter. Although it can be tempting to forget all of the career analysis you’ve been doing on the dreary commute home and replace it with weekends in the […]

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Justice for sale

OldSmoothie was looking particularly smug today, even for him. “Yes, I’ve just got £10,000 on the brief for tomorrow’s one day trial,” he mentioned at least twice just when I was within hearing. “Why on earth would someone pay that much when they could get the junior tenant I shadowed today for £350?” asked a […]

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The Bar is in managed decline

“You know, whatever they said about Liverpool in the past, there’s one thing that is definitely in managed decline,” said HeadofChambers. “OldSmoothie?” said UpTights. “That’s a bit rich coming from the person with a face in such overly managed decline that she can’t even stretch to a smile,” he replied. “What is it?” asked TheCreep. […]

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My Foreword to ‘Wig Betrayed’ by Charles Courtley

Below is the Foreword to Wig Betrayed by Charles Courtley that is now available to buy on I’m delighted and honoured to have been asked to write the foreword to this wonderful novel which follows on from the excellent Wig Begone. The author follows in a rich tradition of fiction-writing from barristers and former barristers, […]

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