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Solicitor advocate

Poor ClichéClanger . There’s always been something of the am dram about this particular solicitor but today his performance really took the biscuit. Not that there should even have been a performance. You see, we both turned up at court on a case and then just before the client arrived ClichéClanger turned to me and […]

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The listening barrister

There’s a pupil in chambers at the moment who I can only call PipSqueak. Not just on account of her lack of height but more due to the fact that she simply can’t stop talking. Every time she makes a point she stands on her tiptoes and er, well, squeaks. No other way to describe […]

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Covered in red tape

I overheard UpTights chatting to a mini-pupil in the clerks’ room this morning. “Whenever we send papers back to solicitors, we tie them up in this pink ribbon,” she said, indicating a great mound of the stuff. “It’s where the phrase, ‘covered in red tape’ comes from.” “But why isn’t it ‘covered in pink tape’ […]

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No-good pesky clients

‘I hate those no-good, pesky clients.’ It was OldSmoothie at chambers tea today. ‘The world would be so much easier without their dithering in the witness box and tut-tutting behind your back,’ said HeadofChambers. ‘That’s not my problem, exactly,’ said OldSmoothie, ‘although you do have a point. It’s that I rarely actually like any of […]

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Brass neck

OldSmoothie popped into my room yesterday afternoon. “BabyB, I need a little assistance for a conference I have tomorrow morning. The papers arrived a week ago and I’ve had my pupil make a note of the main issues. I just need you to go through and sort out the wood from the trees.” “I’m in […]

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