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Truths and half-truths

SlipperySlope was in chambers today and lecturing PanicStricken over the duty of disclosure. “It’s really not half as onerous as you think,” he said. “I mean it all boils down to the question of relevance and believe me, that really is a term of art.” “But surely most things are vaguely relevant when you’re going […]

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Collective nouns for lawyers

“I just bumped into a bunch of your instructing solicitors at the high court today,” said BusyBody to TheVamp. “Singing your praises they were.” “Do you think that “bunch” is really the best collective noun for solicitors?” said OldSmoothie. “A squabble, maybe” said BusyBody. “Or a deceit,” said TheVamp. “A scourge of solicitors, more like,” […]

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When I grow up

The new pupils were all lined up this afternoon in chambers tea gossiping together about their experiences of their first week in chambers. “So what sort of practice would you most want to have when you’re older?” asked BusyBody of one. “I’d really love to be a human rights lawyer,” came the reply. “Though obviously, […]

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To shake or not to shake

“I saw the most terrible thing happening the other day,” said OldSmoothie. “Made me wonder what the world had come to.” “What? A mugging?” asked BusyBody. “Worse than that,” he said. “A drive-by shooting, perhaps?” said TheVamp. “Worse still,” he said. “Come on, then,” said TheBusker. “What is it that’s so shaken your foundations?” OldSmoothie […]

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Poppycock and moonshine

“I’ve decided to take up French,” declared OldSmoothie today. “Whatever language he says it in, he’ll still be speaking cobblers,” said UpTights. “Poppycock, I’d say,” said BusyBody. “I prefer moonshine, myself,” said TheCreep. “I’m sure you do,” said HeadClerk. “I once heard a barrister describe his opponent’s submissions as flapdoodle,” said SlipperySlope. “Just plain old […]

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