Stealing clients

Following Slick’s little modernising speech, HeadClerk is particularly sensitive to demonstrating that the old school ways are best and this week he went into overdrive a little while back on his usual trick involving QC celebration parties.

You see, every QC has one, and tradition has it that it’s simply bad form not to invite anyone who sends them a congratulatory note. Which has meant that for years now, HeadClerk has always got FanciesHimself, his most trusted junior clerk, to write thank you notes to all new silks. He then attends all the parties to which he is inevitably invited and discreetly goes around selling our own chambers to the solicitors there.

The funny thing is that FanciesHimself was reporting back today on one such party and happened to comment that this whole tradition has created a kind of strange social circuit for those wanting to milk these parties. Mostly it’s other clerks but there’s also a few ageing barristers whose practices have seen better times and who use it as a means of funding their drinking habits.

Meanwhile, Slick has announced that he will be bringing in a possible candidate for the position of commercial director in the next couple of days. He currently works for a solicitors’ firm and Teflon looked up and then emailed around his online profile.

Let me just say at this stage that it wasn’t the fact that he’d qualified as a barrister and then not got taken on which raised eyebrows. In fact his experience at the Bar would positively count in his favour. It was that his profile picture had him posing for camera in wig and gown and holding up a degree certificate and explained why Teflon had headed his email “Ouch”.

I really don’t fancy his chances when it comes to being grilled at chambers tea.

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June 24, 2014 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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