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Lie detectors in court

“It’s so easy to know when a witness is lying,” said HeadofChambers today. “There’s always a tell, whether it’s the scratching of the nose or a particular turn of phrase. Whatever it is, you just know.” “The problem is that twitches and other foibles are also committed by honest people overly nervous about being misconstrued,” […]

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Pupil protest

“Have you heard that one of the pupils has made a complaint about OldSmoothie to the Bar Standards Board?” said TheVamp today. “What on earth for?” said HeadofChambers. “The possibilities are endless,” said BusyBody. “Sexual harrassment might be a starter.” “Actually, she’s not complaining about his lechery,” said TheVamp. “Her line is that she’d have […]

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National Accident Helpline’s Cycling Accident Stats Infographic

Brought to you by our friends at National Accident Helpline

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Bring back barrister immunity

One of UpTights’ pupils was reporting in on his case today. “The client told me he’s going to sue me for losing the case,” he said. “What for?” asked TheVamp. “She said I wasn’t forceful enough in my cross-examination and that I kept having to check through my notes when making my closing submissions.” “What […]

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