Year 2, week 17: frightening thought

BusyBody was in chambers today showing off her baby boy who is now two months old. Still no news on which of the two suspects is the father and no indication that she intends to find out either. Despite the fact that she clearly loves her little boy, I don’t think she’s been handling being off work these last few months. “I’ve been taking advocacy lessons BabyB so that I don’t lose my touch whilst I’m away. It’s great, you’ve got to try it. He’s been teaching me to be more assertive.”

Hmm, that’s like teaching Hannibal Lecter to cook. But it kind of reassured me that if he can make money out of that then really you can make money out of anything, even blagging being a half decent advocate. BusyBody then asserted herself further: “Yes, it’s definitely working BabyB. You’ve got to stand up to the judge. Tell him what you think. You know, they can smell weakness BabyB so you’ve got to be in there and answering back before they get a chance to pin you down. Try it in your next case and see how it goes.”

Not that I’ve been submissive so far, but maybe I will try upping the ante. Just to see.

January 23, 2008 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Kate - August 20, 2008

    I thought it was a baby girl…? (year 2 week 7)