How to Pick and Choose a Family Law Attorney in 5 Easy Steps (in the USA)

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Family law has a lot of touch points with the criminal justice system. It is a separate branch of civil law, though. Family law attorneys address concerns that involve various family-related problems. It includes child support, marriage, divorce, guardianship, and adoption. With thousands of family-law attorneys, it could be a daunting task to pick and choose the best one. A good family law attorney can bring you benefits in many situations. When you want to adopt a child, file for divorce, submit a prenuptial agreement, and so on.

Here are a few tips that can help you find a first class family law attorney near you.

1. Determine the Venue

A legal case commonly takes place in the county and state in which both parties live. Or it happens in the county where the opposing party is from. Most legal cases take place in the county where the plaintiff lives. Yet, there are some exceptions. For example, when someone resides in two states or is in the military.

2. Search for a family law attorney in the place where you’ll file your case

Once you have determined the venue of your legal case, you should start searching for a law attorney. It’s a good idea to put together a list of possible lawyers and do some research. An online research can provide you a lot of useful information about the lawyers you have put on your list. Research their official websites, social media profiles, as well a related press releases and news stories.

Look for the attorneys who deal with the local customs, court staff and judges. You should consider all the local attorneys who are involved in family law. They need to work in the county or district where you will file your case. If you plan to file your case in Maui, make sure to check on

There are several different ways of searching a family law attorney, including:

  • Database of the local bar associations provided by the American Bar Association
  • Bar association website of your state
  • Public-interest websites
  • Search engines
  • Online searchable directories of attorneys
  • Local yellow pages.

3. Talk to people familiar with the attorneys on your list and check online reviews

Ask friends and family how they were dealing with a certain attorney. Is that attorney transparent as regards to services and fees? Was he or she punctual for appointments? Is he/she available for questions? Also, ask them about their opinion and experience with an opposing attorney. Then check online reviews for the selected attorneys. The more information you gather, the better choice you will make.

4. Narrow down your list

Finally, you can narrow down your choices to top five attorneys. This depends on different factors. They include your budget and personal situation along with gathered information. A gut feeling is sometimes decisive when choosing an attorney.

5. Final decision

Call your top choices if your candidates offer free telephone consultations. Otherwise, you should schedule a live consultation tete-a-tete. Make sure to bring your list of questions and required documents when going to the scheduled consultation. The questions should refer to the costs as well as the qualifications and background of the selected lawyers. Besides, make a few questions specific to your case. The attorneys’ answers will give you a hint of how they would deal with your case.

Now that you’ve found out their expertise and background, it’s time to make a final decision. Avoid bad attorneys. Those who have solicited and pressured you into fee arrangements and/or agreements. Also, stay away from those who have suggested unethical or illegal things. Pick one who made you feel comfortable. An attorney who clearly answered your questions. Someone who is straightforward and easy to understand. That attorney has to be skilled and experienced in the specific area you need. Let him/her give you a few examples, successful of course, of the similar cases.

Before terminating any agreement or contract, do not hesitate to express your personal concerns. Remember that you can fire the attorney at any moment during your cooperation. You have the right to do so. Find another attorney who is eager to address your concerns and open to cooperation.

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

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3 Things You Should Know About Personal Injury Claims

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Personal injury claims aren’t always straightforward. They can take some time and require the expertise of the best personal injury attorneys you can find. If you’re interested in filing a claim, here are three things you should know.

1. You need to find reliable representation immediately

The longer you wait to find a lawyer, the harder your chances are at getting a good outcome on your case. That’s because you need to take the right action before you make a mistake. There are many mistakes that you can make, and a lawyer can help you avoid those mistake.

While you should rush to get a lawyer, be thorough in your search for one. To be successful, you need a local lawyer who has experience in your field. If you live in New York, look for personal injury attorneys in New York. But if you live in Connecticut, looking for personal injury attorneys in New York isn’t as useful. You need someone with experience working in your state. Some lawyers, like Zlotolow & Associates P.C., have direct experience in representing people in local cases. Look for a local with great reviews and plenty of experience.

2. The Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are many situations that can result in personal injury. Before you take action, you should learn if you were a victim of one of those situations. Motor vehicle accidents commonly result in personal injury. If the other driver was at fault, you may be a victim of personal injury.

A slip and fall accident could also result in personal injury. If you were on someone’s property and they did not do their best to prevent an accident, you may be a victim. In this type of case, there is usually evidence of an injury that has a long-term effect.

Construction jobs aren’t always safe. You may experience personal injury working construction on someone’s property.

Unfortunately, birthing accidents happen as well. When a baby is born, the doctor may make a mistake. This mistake could result in issues like paralysis or brain damage. This is not only difficult on the child, but on the parents as well. It’s another example of personal injury.

There are other incidents that could result in personal injury. Be sure to speak to lawyer about your situation to find out if it qualifies.

3. They often end in settling

While you might think that personal injury claims either end with a win or a loss, that’s not the case. The claims most often end in settling. But this isn’t a bad thing. Settling can be better than a long, drawn out court battle. It can get you the money faster than a long court battle.

A good lawyer can get you a settlement that you’re happy with. They can make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. And they work to get you what you want. If you’ve been a victim of personal injury, you don’t have to live with the consequences. You can take action and get what you deserve.

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Four Qualities Every Good Lawyer Should Have

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There are several reasons why you might be searching for a good lawyer. Maybe you are involved in a criminal case, or perhaps you need a lawyer to help you win a personal injury claim after being in an accident through no fault of your own. Perhaps you are looking for a professional to help you as you go through a divorce, or with other aspects of family law. Whatever you need to hire a lawyer for, you can be assured that your case will be much easier to deal with if you have the right professional by your side. Here are some of the main qualities that you should look for in a great lawyer.

#1. Great Communication Skills:

No matter what kind of legal case you are going through, it’s important to look for a lawyer who has excellent communication skills. It’s down to your lawyer to ensure that you are kept up to date with the case and are in the loop about every new thing that happens as soon as possible. A lawyer who keeps all the information to themselves and barely communicates with you is only going to leave you more stressed about the whole situation. Look out for lawyers who are readily available to talk to you when needed and can make time for you.

#2. Good People Skills:

Whilst qualifications and experience are essential when it comes to finding a good lawyer, don’t forget that the person you choose should also be somebody that you get on with well. Bear in mind that certain legal cases can go on for a long time; the lawyer that you choose has the potential to be somebody that you will be seeing a lot of over the next few months or even years, depending on your particular case. Because of this, it’s important to look for a lawyer who has good people skills, helps you to feel at ease around them, and makes you feel comfortable enough to open up to them when it comes to details that could be pertinent to your case.

#3. Perseverance:

Thirdly, one of the main qualities that makes a good lawyer is perseverance. In the legal industry, there are always going to be times where things aren’t looking so great; if this is the situation with your case, then you’ll need somebody at your side who’s willing to do what it takes to turn things around. Make sure that you choose a lawyer who has a strong sense of their duty and will go above and beyond to try and win your case for you.

#4. Time Management:

Lastly, lawyers today are usually very busy people who are handling multiple cases at the same time. Bear in mind that if you choose a lawyer who has taken on several cases at the same time as yours, then they may not have as much time as you’d like to dedicate to your case alone. Before making a decision, speak to your potential lawyers about the amount of work that they take on, and how they manage their time.

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Making an Insurance Claim in the Event of a Car Accident (in the USA)

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There’s nothing worse than crashing your car, whether it’s a minor scrape or a major collision, figuring out what to do next is a worrying concept. All’s not lost in this situation, and the saying ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’ springs to mind.

In the event of an accident, it’s worth the research for a legal pursuit regardless of the severity of the incident, and it’s important to keep your composure and ensure you exchange details with the driver you’ve collided with. This is the starting point for all accidents if you intend to make a claim, and here are the details which should be collected:

          Name and Address of Driver

          Registration Number of Car

          Phone Number of the other driver

          Car Insurance Details of driver

It is also important to take some photographs immediately after the incident occurs, and be prepared for the later stages to make life easier.

This conveniently brings us to the next step of proceedings, which is contacting your insurance company as soon as possible to ensure you don’t invalidate your cover. The period you should contact within following an accident varies from cover to cover, and the requirement is usually anything from two days to two weeks after the accident occurs.

Keeping track of what happened during the incident with physical information is a great way to ensure a vivid recollection of events if the case drags on over multiple weeks, which alongside photographs is a great way to verify your statement of claim. The forthcoming action taken is largely dependent on whether the driver involved in the crash has insurance, and if they don’t it’s important to contact the police prior to engaging with your insurance provider.

When in liaison with your insurer, it’s important to be honest and recall the information you’ve recorded from the incident, including the date and time of the accident, how it all happened, and the weather conditions at the time of the crash, all of which are contributing factors. If the cost of the accident is below the cost of your excess, your insurance company will expect you to resolve it yourself, and otherwise your photographs can be used as proof to validate your claim.

How to make a Claim

There are various steps to follow when making a claim, starting with ensuring you don’t admit liability at the scene of an accident if you’re unsure whether you’re at fault or not.

Exchange all the personal details mentioned above, including car registration number, name and address of driver, model of car, phone number, the time, date, and location, and collate together photographs you have taken at the scene.

When you enter the website of your insurance provider, there will be a claim form present for you to fill in, where extra details can be entered if required. There will be an opportunity to list the contact details of any witnesses to your accident, and if the police have been involved in any way, get a crime number from them, especially if the incident is a criminal matter.

Following this stage, your insurer will usually send another more detailed form to complete, and remember to give as much information as possible while providing all relevant documents. Once you have supplied the information required, your insurer will proceed to contact the insurance company of the other party in an attempt to resolve the claim. If repair work needs doing, insurers will usually agree to work being carried out by approved mechanics who work with them, stressing the importance of waiting for the insurance company to get in touch to avoid paying for repairs yourself.

If the evidence provided suggests you weren’t at fault during the accident, you won’t have to pay any excess, and in this scenario your insurance company will recover money from the other driver’s insurance.

Being involved in an accident will probably cause your no claims to go down, which could give your insurer a justified reason to raise your premiums. On the bright side, you will have had the costs associated with your accident covered, but if you were a guilty party during the accident, you will have to pay the excess and experience a rise in your insurance premium. Either way, your insurance company is there to help you, and claiming is the best resolution following an accident if damages are sufficient.

I hope you have found this article informative, and if you’d like to comment below then be sure to do so and kickstart the discussion.

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What To Do In The Event of a Car Accident (in the USA)

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Accidents in general can leave victims dazed and confused, making it difficult to think logically and make sensible decisions. It can be difficult to think on your feet following an overwhelming occurrence such as a car crash, especially if you or a loved one has been injured, but to ensure you are well equipped to deal with accidents, it is important to have a plan of action for emergencies.

Below is a systematic guide of essential steps to take in the event of an accident, which prioritises safety, wellbeing, and getting what you are entitled too regarding compensation. This will ensure you are well prepared in the worst case scenario, giving you a certain peace of mind when driving your vehicle.

The advice concludes with the financially rewarding step which is based around seeking legal advice, and if you are in or close to the Alexandria region of Louisiana, you’ll require a  personal injury lawyer Alexandria, and there are various professionals available at the click of a button for any incident, where it is simply a case of researching which one is right for you.


You are legally required to stop as soon as it’s safe to do so if you are involved in an accident, so be sure you have turned your engine off and hazard lights on at the nearest possible opportunity. If you have collided with a parked car, you should leave your details on the windscreen of the vehicle to alert them of what happened.

Keep Calm

It is paramount to keep calm in the event of an accident, though this is easier said than done in relation to everyone reacting differently to danger. If possible don’t panic, and safely remove yourself from the vehicle through the passenger door. Providing you can get out of the vehicle independently, stay a safe distance away from other vehicles at roadside, and proceed with calling for help.

Call for Help

The safety of everyone who has been involved in the accident is a high priority, and if anyone has been injured be certain to phone the emergency services immediately. When doing so, it is important to provide as much information as possible, while not moving anyone that is seriously injured unless they are in immediate danger. When the ambulance or police arrive on the scene you can move forward, but remember if anyone is in grave danger prior to professionals arriving, you may be required to act instinctively to save someone’s life, but while doing so remember to prioritise safety.

Record Details

By taking down the details of everyone involved in the crash, you can collect information which is mandatory to process an insurance claim. It is important to gather details such as date, time, location, names, addresses, telephone numbers, models of cars involved in crash, and as many additional details as necessary to support your legal claim.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you have received medical attention, contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer is your best bet, since they will inform whether you have a legitimate legal claim for compensation. There are various fantastic personal injury lawyers available online, including the aforementioned in Alexandria, and most will ensure you aren’t left out of pocket regardless of whether you win or lose.

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Been Involved in a Slip or Fall? Important Considerations Before Claiming Compensation (in the USA)

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Experiencing an accidental fall can be devastating, where it is not beyond the realms of possibility to break bones, slip a disc in your back or suffer ligament damage in the blink of an eye. If you have fallen on someone else’s property and injured yourself, there’s a good chance you’re entitled to compensation, and if you find yourself in this situation, one of the best ways to gain a better understanding of your rights is to speak with a personal injury lawyer. They will initially determine whether you have a valid claim, and subsequently represent your individual case legally.

Below is a guideline of basic rights, considerations, and information to collect if you’ve been involved in an accident and are uncertain of whether you have a valid legal claim. This can help guide you through the process, but remember to consult with a professional who has the ability to maximise your payout. If you live in the Wisconsin area, consulting a law firm Madison WI is a highly recommended option, where conducting appropriate research will help you decide upon the personal injury attorney who suits your requirements.

Dangerous Conditions Present

The owner of a given property is solely responsible for the conditions of his premises, and if there are dangers present then he is either aware of the current state of affairs or should be. There is however scope for the owner to claim that he’s not liable for the injuries caused by a fall on their premises, where despite people falling due to dangerous conditions, if it is determined that the owner acted reasonably under the circumstances, he can avoid liability for the incident. It is however fair to assume that if you have hurt yourself on someone else’s property, you should contact a professional who will quickly determine whether you have a claim for compensation.

Owner has Knowledge of Dangerous Conditions

If the property owner does or should have had knowledge of the dangerous conditions on their property, they are essentially responsible for injuries which derive from said conditions. Spills and falls are common within supermarkets and other stores, and if owners have knowledge of the spills but fail to clean the area, they can potentially be held liable. This is usually the case, though counter arguments or possible from a legal perspective, such as the owner claiming that if they had conducted a reasonable inspection of the area, they certainly would of identified any problems and addressed them immediately.

Injury Caused by Dangerous Condition
If you suffer injuries as a result of a slip or fall, the owner of the property is responsible for your medical bills, even if they are covered by insurance. If you work for a store, they are liable to cover your lost earnings and other economic losses, alongside compensatory damages for the suffering experienced at their expense. This is boosted if it is deemed likely that you’ll continue to experience issues in future, in which case you will rightfully receive compensation because of the inconvenience and harm caused.

Collecting information relating to the aforementioned points can vitally support your legal claim, and even if you fail to collect all the information necessary, it can subsequently be obtained during the course of a lawsuit, and claims can legitimately be made within two years of an accident taking place.

I hope you have found this article informative, and be sure to consult with a professional if you have been involved in an accident, because you could well be entitled to compensation.

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No Win No Fee

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When the unthinkable happens and you are injured in an accident which is not your fault, then what is the next step? Most people will then go for a solicitor specialized in Personal Injury Claims. The next question to ask is whether that specialized solicitor in Personal Injury Claims should be a No Win No Fee one?

What is No Win No Fee?

Simply it means that it is an agreement that you pay nothing to your specialized solicitor in Personal Injury Claims unless your claim is won. If you lose then you pay nothing. In many cases even when you win your fees and costs may be taken care of by the losing side. The advantages are that pressure is put on the specialized no win no fee solicitor in Personal Injury Claims to win as if he does not then he will be out of pocket. At the beginning of its introduction, it was considered to be a positive move for everyone as it can bring justice and compensation for personal injury within the reach of everyone and not just those who have deep pockets.

Are all Personal Injury Claims covered by a No Win No Fee Agreements?

Most injuries resulting from road traffic accidents, involving cars, Lorries, bikes pedestrians etc. slips and falls, work injuries and accidents are normally considered for this product. However, it is most unusual for Medical negligence cases to be included as this is due to the heavy costs of taking on such a case.

What are the disadvantages of such an agreement?

In filing a personal injury claim, it can be relatively easy to obtain free personal injury solicitors’ advice as most solicitors offer the initial consultation free of charge, but sometimes, personal injury solicitors are reluctant to take the more difficult cases using this kind of agreements because of the possibility them failing in the case and consequently of them not being paid. It should be considered in these circumstances that you may have to underwrite the personal injury solicitor’s costs unless you take out suitable insurance to cover the risk of the opponent winning.

It should be seriously emphasized that it is absolutely crucial for you to understand everything you can about solicitors’ fees and other costs involved in an eventual person injury claim. Under these kinds of agreements for personal injury claims, you maybe liable for the opponent’s costs if the claim, in a worst-case scenario, is lost. To cover the other side’s costs, it is essential that you take an insurance policy, to cover your situation in a worst-case scenario. Such insurance is often called as “after the event” insurance. Most personal injury solicitors will recommend that it is put in place even before a claim starts. However, not everyone has the financial resources and can take out “after the event” insurance. Insurance companies will evaluate the risk of winning and may not be so willing to insure claimants especially if chances of winning the personal injury claim are low.

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The Importance of Good Legal Advice After a Car Accident (in the USA)

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Involvement in an automobile accident is often a terrifying event. The impact itself can be a great shock, but it is in the aftermath when many problems begin to arise. If it is determined that you are at fault for the incident, you may need to consider your legal position in relation to charges and potential action against you. Even if you are not at fault, you might wish to pursue compensation for your injuries, any related time off work, or the damage to your vehicle. In this article, we will outline the reasons why it is critical to enlist reliable legal assistance after a car accident.

Legal implications of a crash

After an accident, your first priority will be to confirm the safety of yourself and any other involved parties, and call the emergency services if necessary. Make sure to exchange details with the other driver. It is then an opportune time to begin considering the legal implications of the incident. If there are witnesses present, try to collect their contact details. Unless it is dangerous to do so, take some photographs of the vehicles involved, and any other relevant evidence. If you are responsible for causing the crash, you will need legal advice in relation to any charges that might be brought against you. If it is determined that you are not responsible, there are still implications in terms of medical expenses, damage to your vehicle, and any time out of work in relation to the incident. These are likely to be costly, therefore it is important to consider legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

How a lawyer can help

A legal professional has the experience to ease your burden when dealing with the aftermath of an accident. They will be able to coordinate communication with the other driver’s insurance company, obtain evidence regarding liability, and ensure that any associated medical bills are taken into consideration. A lawyer will analyse the unique characteristics of your accident and work with you to determine what kind of compensation you may be entitled to. They will then take care of presenting the evidence and securing an appropriate settlement.

Local knowledge, solid advice

When looking for a lawyer to help you after a crash, it is best to consider one that is based in your local area. Not only is it more convenient for you, but it will ensure that your legal representative has local knowledge that may be relevant to your case. A simple online search for a legal professional in your area is the best place to start. For example; when looking for a car accident attorney, Huntsville citizens can reach out to Tate Law Offices;

A vehicular incident can be a devastating experience; both in terms of the initial shock and the shattering aftermath. It has the potential to put significant strain on your health and finances. Make sure you have a legal team behind you, with the knowledge and experience to secure you an appropriate resolution.


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How to deal with nursing home abuse (in the USA)

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If you suspect that your loved one is dealing with nursing home abuse, you might be overwhelmed with emotion. Before your emotion takes control, there are a few things you should do. To make sure you get things rolling, here is how you should deal with nursing home abuse. It all starts with a Charleston nursing home abuse lawyer.

1. Choose your lawyer

Before you take any action, it’s important to get the advice of a lawyer. But you don’t need the advice of any lawyer. You need the advice of an experienced lawyer. A charleston nursing home abuse lawyer with experience can get the job done. It’s important that they specialize in nursing home abuse and have a good track record. A good place to start is at

When choosing a lawyer, you should rely on reviews and recommendations. You should also look for someone who you feel you can trust. This means going in to meet with a few different firms and attorneys. Choose someone who you feel comfortable working with. And choose someone who can give you the best advice on the issue.

2. Remove them from the home

If you believe that your loved one is in danger, you need to remove them immediately. It all depends on the gravity of the situation and what you feel is best. You may think that your loved one would recover better at home. If that’s the case, talk with your family and decide who might take them in for a few weeks. You may also want to consider placing your loved one in another nursing home. But don’t let your guard down. It’s a good idea to be on the lookout for abuse at the new nursing home.

You should consult your lawyer for advice before you remove you place your loved one in a new home. They may have important advice that can impact the outcome of your case.

3. Provide your loved one with a shoulder to lean on

Being a victim of abuse can have many detrimental effects on a person. It’s important that you offer your loved one a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to talk to. Although your loved one may be hesitant to open up, make yourself available to them. Let them know that you’re there if they want to talk about what happened.

Victims of abuse tend to feel very alone. By giving them someone to talk to, you can help them heal. You may be able to heal their pain. And you also may learn something that can help you in court. Getting a successful court outcome may also help them heal.

The importance of a good lawyer

Of course, there’s much more to dealing with nursing home abuse than those three tips. But you can’t figure it out on your own. You need a local nursing home abuse lawyer to help. They can tell you what steps to take and how to get the best outcome. Take action, and don’t let the abuse continue.

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