Colorado DUI per se: How can attorneys help you after a DUI arrest?

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Drunk driving not only puts the life of the driver in danger, but it also poses a risk to his or her co-riders, other vehicles on the road and the pedestrian. It is no way brave or smart to drive oneself home after drinking. When a person becomes substantially incapable of operating heavy machinery due to the consumption of drugs, or alcohol or both, the state law considers him or her to be driving under the influence.

Why are DUI laws confusing for Colorado residents?

It is true that the same amount of alcohol affects different people differently. Similarly, the same dose of prescription medication can impact the health and consciousness of two people differently. One person might feel completely intoxicated when his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reaches 0.05, while another person might be able to make conscious decisions and retain substantial control over his movements with a BAC above 0.1. Such disparity has led the state to declare a legal limit for BAC. In Colorado, the legal limit of BAC for driving is 0.08.

Any person driving an automobile with a BAC above 0.08 can and will face a DUI charge. It is true irrespective of how alcohol or any other substance affected the person’s driving. Lawyers and law professionals refer to this as Colorado’s DUI per se.

What does the first DUI conviction entail?

The first DUI conviction in Colorado typically includes the following –

  1. It is a misdemeanor charge that goes down in criminal record.
  2. It can involve jail time of up to one-year.
  3. DUI conviction can result in a penalty of $1000.
  4. It can result in the revocation of one’s driving privilege for a year.
  5. DUI conviction can include up to 96 hours of community service.
  6. It can result in increased automobile insurance costs.

Who is a PDD? Why should you avoid becoming one?

The worst-case scenario for anyone facing DUI charges is that they become a persistent drunk driver (PDD) in Colorado. That usually happens when a person has a high blood alcohol content, or the person is a repeat offender. In that case, the DMV has the right to take away the person’s driving license.

A person receives a persistent drunk driver designation if –

  1. The state convicts a person of two or more DUI or DWAI violations.
  2. The Colorado DMV revokes a person’s license for two or more DUI or DWI violations.
  3. The person has been driving after the DMV has suspended his or her license after alcohol or drug-related driving offenses.
  4. The person has refused to take DUI chemical/blood tests after a DWAI, DUI or UDD arrest in Colorado.

As of January 1, 2014, a BAC of 0.15 is enough to attract a PDD designation to a licensed driver.

How can one get his or her driver’s license back after receiving a PDD designation?

The only way to get his or her driving license back is by –

  1. Completing a Level II drug and alcohol education and treatment program.
  2. Agreeing to install an interlock ignition system on the vehicle for the next two years.
  3. By providing proof of financial responsibility for the next two years.

Who can face DUI charges?

The DUI laws in Colorado are stringent. Sometimes, people face DUI or DWI charges for no fault of their own. Particular medication and medical conditions can cause momentary inebriation or the loss of one’s ability to make conscious decisions. When a patrolling officer arrests someone and charges the person with DUI, it becomes next to impossible to convince the state about his or her innocence without a working knowledge of DUI laws.

What to do if you face drunken driving charges?

In such circumstances, it is imperative for a person to contact an experienced DUI lawyer in Colorado. A legal professional has the resources and knowledge to fight the DUI charges. Since the DUI breath analyzer test and DUI blood tests may be erroneous, the DUI attorney knows the ways to challenge the results. It is essential to have someone, who can uphold the truth in the court. 

Without expert legal help, it is possible for completely innocent victims to receive sentences for DUI or DWI. It is safe to say that these convictions can be costly for a person. He or she will not only have to pay penalties, but he or she might also have to serve time and lose driving privileges for the time being. To prevent such misfortune, one must make use of their calling privilege and speak with their DUI attorney. Contact DWI Denver Lawyer for more information.

The next time you leave home for a ride, don’t forget to save your DUI attorney’s contact details on speed dial. The only way to improve your chances of challenging drunk driving charges is by knowing whom to call at the right time!

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons


This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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Is this the right time to hire a personal injury lawyer?

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When you are in a car crash, or you experience a fall, you rarely think about contacting a lawyer first. Sadly, there are no guidelines for contacting or hiring a personal injury lawyer. That is good news for those, who need time to recuperate before they can take a legal step. On the other hand, it creates confusion and trepidation among the victims of the mishap about the potential compensation or insurance payout.

Do you have a case?

Before you invest your time, effort and money in drawing up a lawsuit, you should find out if there is a personal injury case. The truth is that even a simple slip-and-fall can cause whiplash, sprains, hairline fractures, dislocations, head injuries, and TBIs. Finding the right lawyer after your preliminary tests and treatments can help you understand if you can expect compensation from the property owner or the guilty party. Check out O’Brien and Ford in Buffalo to know more about your chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit.

When do you need a personal injury lawyer?

If you are still wondering if you should hire a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, New York, you should consider the following scenarios –

  • Negotiating with your insurance company

After an accident or personal injury, every person has to have conversations with their insurance providers. It is the responsibility of your lawyer to ensure that your insurance carrier pays the medical bills on time and covers the damage to property. You should send the claim to your insurance company as soon as you leave the emergency room!

  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit

When you are about to claim compensation from the liable party, you should have the right team of legal experts guiding you. You need to save evidence from the very first step including the first treatment you receive. Apart from saving the bills and paperwork from the hospital, expert personal injury lawyers can ensure that you always have the right medical team to attend to you at all times.

  • Personal injury claim evaluation

Every expert personal injury firm in Buffalo, NY has their expert team of physicians. They are expert in giving testimonies in court, aside from being excellent medical professionals. Therefore, an accident victim can be sure about getting the best attention during recovery, receiving a regular evaluation of their health and preparing for their deposition on time. These doctors specialize in personal injury cases only, and they know precisely what every personal injury victim needs.

Did you know? Most personal injury law firms have teams of investigative staff as well. They can dig up facts from the site of the accident and information on the potentially liable party to help the lawsuit. Investigation of the scene and circumstances of a mishap often helps attorneys reach the best settlement or verdict possible for their clients.

Any personal injury or accident attorney you meet in NY you talk to will tell you that every accident is a potential lawsuit. However, you should never try to travel this path alone. The complications ensure that an inexperienced person will end up paying more than the compensation he or she could have hoped for after the trials.

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5 Questions You Should Ask your Car Accident Lawyer

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If you’ve just been implicated in a serious car accident, you probably are currently dealing with injuries, and you may not know exactly what steps you should take. Hopefully, you’ve already started looking for an attorney to represent you. However, you have to make sure that you vet your prospective lawyer carefully to make sure that you get properly compensated. Here are some of the questions you should ask your lawyer to make sure they’re the right person for the job in the USA.

Royalty Free Photo

What’s your Field of Expertise?

While it’s true that all types of lawyers could work on a car accident case, it’s always better that you get an auto attorney specifically. Auto lawyers will usually be well versed in other personal injury cases, but they need to have significant experience with car accidents. These lawyers will be more prepared to negotiate with insurance companies, will know the tricks they use to cheat you out of compensation, and will be able to guide your through the whole process. Not only that, but they’ll be able to get you the maximum compensation for your case.

Who Will be Working on My Case?

People might be surprised when they find out the lawyer they first talked to isn’t the one dealing with their case. Sometimes, your case might be relegated to a junior partner. In other cases, even a paralegal may be called to do most of the legwork. While that doesn’t mean they won’t be qualified, you have to know exactly who will be responsible for your case.

Do I Actually Have a Case?

This will also be the occasion to find out if you actually have a case on your hands. You’ll have to be able to prove that the other party breached their duty of care and that their negligence caused the accident to win the case. The lawyer may also tell you when it would better to just settle with the insurance company.

How Will You Charge Me for Your Services?

Many auto accident lawyers will work on contingency; that means they’ll only charge you if they win the case or get a settlement for you. It’s important that you know how much of the compensation they will take in fees. This is usually around the 20% to 40% mark. If you don’t have the money to pay them right now, this is usually the best option.

How Long Do You Think it Will Take for My Case to be Resolved?

This is also a very important question to ask. Cases can drag on for months and months, and having to deal with medical bills or not being able to work could take a toll on you. So ask them how long they expect the procedures to last. Your lawyer should be able to give you an estimate of how long your case could take before you get compensation.


These are all questions that will not only help you find out if a lawyer is qualified, but enlighten you on the process and your chances of getting compensated. Make sure to take your time, and pick a lawyer that doesn’t only have the expertise, but actually cares about your case.

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A&E Four-Hour Target to End?

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Recently it was announced that the NHS are scrapping waiting times targets for A&E.  It is said on the basis that the targets themselves might mean that urgent cases are not being prioritised over the less-urgent.  The cynics amongst us say this is down to the fact that the targets are not being met.

It is not just in A&E where targets are slipping, this is happening with GP referrals too.  This affects mainly what the NHS considers ‘non-urgent’ cases.  This would include hip and knee replacements, cataract surgery and hernias.  The NAO (National Audit Office) reported last week that 44% of hospital Trusts have failed to reach the target.

The target is 18 weeks referral to treatment.  The target is expected to be hit in 92% of cases but Trusts have consistently failed to do so with the target being met in just 86.7% of cases this January. In fact the target hasn’t been met since February 2016.

So what is behind this?  The NAO is critical that health chiefs have not addressed the problem and call upon them to take urgent action.  We can see from the statistics that patient demand has increased (number of people treated each month has increased from 1.2 million to 1.3 million between March 2013 and November 2018) but at the same time cuts are being made to available beds: 81,000 beds have been lost since 2010.  Patients who have been discharged from hospital are being readmitted more frequently than in the past – is this down to the increased pressure on beds?

So what is the implication to patient safety?  The NAO point out that 40% of medical negligence claims arise from delays in treatment and diagnosis.  There is concern that the rise in delays will cause avoidable harm and create a knock-on effect to an increase in claims.

More investment is required to address the problems and provide an NHS fit for the 21st Century.  An NHS spokesman said “As the additional funding to help deliver NHS long-term plan becomes available in April, local health groups are being allocated the money they need to increase the amount of operations and other care they provide, to cut long waits.”

Our Medical Negligence Team

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors Liverpool have dealt with numerous cases involving delays which have caused harm to our clients. The reasons are multi-factorial but tend to involve urgent cases such as delayed diagnosis of cancer; delayed diagnosis of cardiac conditions; delayed diagnosis of ruptured Achilles tendon to name just a few.

What we can do for you…

  • We can advise and help you with matters where negligence might have occurred in the following fields: medical, surgical, obstetric/midwifery, nursing, dentistry, chiropody and optometry
  • We won’t charge you for taking on your case, or if your case is unsuccessful
  • We provide a dedicated team of lawyers supported by two doctors, a nurse and a midwife
  • We handle the full range of claims up to multi-million pound cases
  • We have male and female solicitors available for sensitive issues
  • We can visit you at your home and out of hours if required

If you feel you may have been mistreated medically, or if someone you care about has, please contact our dedicated team on 0151 282 1700 for a confidential chat with a legal expert.

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons


This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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Top 4 reasons as to why you need a traffic lawyer

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Do you know how many Americans earn a speeding ticket every year? You will be amazed to know that the number is around 41 million per year. But there are many other traffic violations as well including running through the red light, driving without a valid license, hit and run and driving under the influence. In such cases, all you need to do is invest right in a Long Island traffic lawyer.

The main thing you need to keep in mind about traffic violations is that there are certain infractions where a simple penalty will suffice as the case is pretty straightforward. However in severe cases like the DUI or hit and run, you might face criminal charges and mandatory jail time.  It might be tempting for you to contest the charge all by yourself, but our experts suggest you not to do it alone. Instead, hire professional legal help in the form of a traffic lawyer.

So why should you employ a traffic violation lawyer? Let us have a look,

When you do not understand the traffic law

The traffic violation laws aren’t complicated, but you would still need the expert legal help in case something goes wrong. Once you are committed some crime, you cannot waste time researching the laws and the options available for you. Hiring a traffic lawyer means you get the chance to work with a professional who will be competent as well as have in-depth knowledge and understanding about the federal and state traffic laws. Let the lawyer argue with the traffic cop, present the case on your behalf and represent your best interests.

Dismissing the lower ticket penalties

For the first time offender, you will do good to pay the fine. But if a ticket amounts to around $500, it will hurt your bank account. The entirety of America pays around $6 billion annually as traffic fines. To properly contest a wrongful penalty hire a traffic lawyer today itself. Your lawyer will be better equipped to present the facts and dismiss the sentence and make sure that the DI doesn’t get suspended.

Lawyer up for gathering evidence

There are instances where you might be issued with a red light ticket when you clearly remember never skipping one. The establishment of this who-is-right and who-is-wrong is better left to the professionals. Collection of the footage from the traffic cams, along with other sorts of the evidence including the pedestrians is something the traffic lawyer is capable of. You are not capable of handling all the government bureaucracy, but your lawyer surely is. Make sure you hire a professional traffic lawyer today for a dismissal of the wrongful ticket.

For the perfect judgment

Traffic offenders do not usually get the chance to prove their innocence. Yes, you are guilty as charged, but without proper representation. This is your chance to fight against the system. If you are not guilty, you should contest all the charges brought against you. Hire a competent lawyer to get the best cover and chance of a fair judgment.

Do not make the amateur mistake of contesting a charge of a traffic violation on your own. Hire a professional traffic lawyer for the ideal representation in the court of law. All the best!

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Personal Injury Damages – Enhance Your Knowledge Now!

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If you are going to file a personal injury lawsuit for any injury or accident, then you need to consider some important things. You need to analyze the case before going to take the steps forward. There are many other things that one should keep in mind, and then they can easily get started. You should check whether the injuries have cost you or not. Well, there are many rules and regulations present related to these cases. If you do not have an idea about what should you do, then you can also consult with the professionals. Many experts are offering their services in the same field. You can easily hire them and get assistance to take the right steps.

In the case of personal injury, the injured person will be paid for the damages by the liable person. The insurance company can also make the payments on behalf of the person who is liable in the case. Well, the injury can be settled by paying an agreed amount of the compensation. The liable person can decide this amount, insurance companies or the other related parties. These injuries are categorized into different parts that you need to check out once. In order to gather some beneficial details related to it, you should read the beneficial details in the further paragraphs.

Damages that can be compensated

In the case of a personal injury, there are many crucial factors that one should consider. Well, the injured person can get compensation for all loses and damages from the liable person or the insurance companies. When it comes to the different types of damages for the personal injury cases, then these are known as the compensatory. The compensatory damages are meant to be the damages that can be compensated by the liable person. In this case, the injured person receives a specific amount of money after making the calculations.

There are many cases when the insurance companies or the liable parties need to calculate the compensatory amount. Well, it can be easy in some cases whereas they also need to use some formulas for the calculation of the compensation amount. The medical bills as well as other related damages can be easily quantified, but it is really difficult to measure the pain and suffering in the monetary terms.

The types of compensatory damages

In the case of personal injury, many types of damages can be compensated. In order to know the different types of compensatory damages, you should check the points that are listed in the further given points. After knowing these different types of damages, you can ease up your task while negotiating with other parties or in some other cases. The common types of compensatory damages in the case of personal injuries are as follow: –

  • Earnings – if any accident is making a bad impact on your salary or income then you can receive the compensation for it. You will not only receive the compensation for the income that you have already lost but also the income that you are going to earn in the future. If you are unable to make earnings in the future due to the injuries or accident, then you will get compensation for it from the liable party. This compensation comes under the tag “loss of earning capacity,” and you should keep it in mind. 
  • Suffering The injured person is also entitled to get compensation for the pain from which he has been suffered during the accident. The insurance company or the liable person will also make payments to you in case of any ongoing pain due to the accident or the injury case.
  • Loss of property – the injured person can also get compensation for any damages that have been caused to his vehicle or other items. The liable person also needs to pay compensation for the damages of the clothing of an injured person. The other parties are liable to pay for the expenses of repairs for the vehicles or the property that has been lost during the accident.
  • Loss related to enjoyment if any accident makes you injured as well as it stops you from enjoying your favorite hobby or other activities then you are also entitled to get the compensation. In this case, you will receive the loss of enjoyment damages from the other party or the insurance company that is liable on its behalf. 
  • Other compensations – The injured person can get compensation for the things that he has been lost during the accident. You may have heard about the loss of consortium that is related to any bad impact on the relationship of the plaintiff with another person due to the accident. In this case, the other person is also entitled to get compensation from the liable party.

After knowing all these things, the injured person can get knowledge about how he should negotiate for compensation. After knowing all the details mentioned above, you can get assistance while filing a suit against the other party or for the settlement of the injury cases.

Other beneficial details

Well, there are many other beneficial details that one should check in order to know all about the compensation related to the injury cases. The injury case can be settled after getting compensation from the liable party. If you are going to file a lawsuit for this type of case, then you need to get advice from experts. You can also get help from the consultants who have good experience in the same field. They can also give you instructions that what should you do in case of injuries. In order to hire these experts, you can either visit or other websites on the internet.

Wrapping things up

It is easy to hire these experts, but you should be selective in your approach. It is good to make a final decision after researching on the internet and after keeping some important tips in mind.

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Medical Record Retrieval from American Retrieval: Satisfying Your Clients Filing A Claim

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Accidents can happen anytime and it is inevitable the someone can’t escape the risk of meeting that anywhere. Take this as an example, you are running a law firm and works as one of the personal injury lawyers. A random person came into your office complaining something that he is hurt due to the store owners negligence. He said that he needed an emergency and called an ambulance to be sent out the nearest clinic for immediate treatment. In this case, he wanted to file a claim against the store owner to make sure he gets settled with the physical damages he suffered.

As a personal injury lawyer who can assist him, your role is to make sure that you gather the necessary information needed to make sure that his case is handled quickly and fairly. For some, this may sound easy, but it’s not as simple as what you think. To help you that, we lay out to you some helpful tips on how you can assist your client excellently to help him thoroughly regarding his claim. Here are they to get you started.

The Startup Process

As the clients’ legal counsel or personal injury lawyer, the first thing you need to keep in mind before you go through every investigation and detail of the case is t secure the necessary documents you might need to pursue his claim. Talk with your client and ask what had happened exactly from the time he entered the particular establishment until how he got out of the clinic to treat himself.  After you get the much-needed information, it is also a must that you have to write an agreement between you and your client about both of your obligations to settle the case such as fees and responsibilities you should both do.

Medical Request Forms

In this case, your client suffered injuries that why he needed the help of an ambulance to sent himself to the nearest hospital for immediate care. In most cases, healthcare providers and other agencies often do not provide medical records of your client if you request them through your client had approved it. This slows downs the process and you might need an alternative to help you access your client’s medical records.

Medical Records Retrieval

In the course of retrieving your client’s medical records, it is important that as his personal injury lawyer you need to work with experts to easily get you through the needed records. Medical Record Retrieval from American Retrieval can help you in processing, requesting, and collating this critical and confidential medical records. In this way, your chance of formulating the claim to help your client is easy.

As you go ahead and help your client to get out of the situation he is facing and win the claim, it is important that you apply the tips listed above to come up with tangible results which will improve better customer experience as his personal injury lawyer and for your firm as a whole.

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Learn the basics about business title insurance and why it is necessary

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Did you know that the insurance business is an ever-expanding industry because there is no shortage of things to cover? The title insurance business is already a $15 billion industry, and the growth is projected to increase till 2020. This tremendous boost can be attributed to the increase in the median home value in the U.S.  If you are thinking about buying a property for your business sometime in the future, title insurance is something you should know and understand.

Title insurance: the overview

In case of any traditional insurance, the protection is basically against any future losses. E.g., car insurance will protect against any future accidents or medical insurance which is essential to protect against future health problems. The title insurance, however, is very different. Title insurance protects you against claims for past occurrences. To protect your interests, log in to

Types of title insurance

You can opt for two different types of title insurance depending on your requirement. The first is for the real estate owner and the second is for the lenders. The lenders require the title insurance to secure the security interest for the property. And, the property owner needs one to protect the investment and the property.

What is the protection on offer?

By investing in title insurance, the first step you will take is the extensive title search of the property. With this search, you minimize the liability for the property owner. Any title issue with the property is discovered with this extensive title search. Title insurance will also defend you against litigations and challenges against the validity of ownership of the property. 

The general cost for title insurance

Traditional insurance requires you to make monthly payments as premiums. However, title insurance requires one-time payment. The actual cost for the insurance varies depending on the valuation of the property and the state of residence. For the homeowner, the coverage is around $830 and the for the lender it costs $540.

Some of the standard title insurance claims

Here is a list of the common types of title insurance claims:

  • Public record errors
  • Liens that have remained undiscovered previously
  • Heir omissions
  • Fraud cases

Specifics about the claims

You will work with a title examiner who will make sure of the title to analyze the ownership chain for the property. The property needs to pass hands through sale, through the will or a gift to the intended person. This title check will also ensure that there aren’t any legal claims and issues against the property. In case of a lien or a mortgage, the title cannot be transferred. To avoid all such hassles, it is essential that you invest in title insurance as soon as possible.

You have to keep in mind that title insurance is intended to protect your interests. This is true especially for the home purchaser since it is the only way to detect a property claim or problem before it appears. It is a great idea to spend the $830 for title insurance than facing claim issues down the line.

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