End of the road

OldSmoothieMuch chatter in chambers tea yesterday afternoon about fixed costs in road traffic cases. “It’s the end of the junior bar,” said TheCreep.
“And the junior junior bar,” said BusyBody.
“And definitely the baby bar,” piped up one of the pupils.
“Well at least the senior bar should be okay,” growled OldSmoothie smugly. “I mean, I haven’t done a small road traffic case for twenty years.”
“Yes, don’t worry OldSmoothie,” said BusyBody. “You’ll be absolutely fine. There’ll still be lots of work for you. The only problem will be that there’ll be no junior tenants to pay all the rent which pays for your clerk and your big room. But hey, you never know, maybe you’ll be able to work out of one the libraries.” OldSmoothie’s face dropped. “Oh,’ added BusyBody, “and there’ll be no-one around to refer work up to you either.”
“I don’t know,” said UpTights. “First it was no win-no fee. Now it’s just no fee.”

February 23, 2016 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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