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End of the road

Much chatter in chambers tea yesterday afternoon about fixed costs in road traffic cases. “It’s the end of the junior bar,” said TheCreep. “And the junior junior bar,” said BusyBody. “And definitely the baby bar,” piped up one of the pupils. “Well at least the senior bar should be okay,” growled OldSmoothie smugly. “I mean, I […]

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Terms of enragement

The thing I’ve started to realise about ClichéClanger is that his gruff Northern demeanour and no nonsense approach belies a very wry sense of humour and a subtle twinkle in the eye. Today I received a good example where I am still left not knowing whether he’d made a Freudian slip or a joke. They […]

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“It wasn’t stealing, Madam.” It was TheBusker during his closing speech yesterday at Taunton Magistrates Court. He had been hired at great expense by a local solicitor to come down to the West Country to get his son off a charge of scrumping apples. By coincidence I had been in a case in the county […]

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My opponent was much more senior than me today and it was clear from the off that he didn’t get on with the judge. I’m not sure whether it was his patronising manner or the judge’s irritation which came first but either way it caused such tension that the judge eventually reacted with the following: […]

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