Old school settlements

FanciesHimself the junior clerk was negotiating a fee for one of OldRuin’s cases today with a long-time solicitor friend of OldRuin. Apparently he was looking for an increase in the fee and the answer came back: “I’ll up the offer from pounds to guineas. I’m in favour of guineas and I think OldRuin should be too.”
Now this obviously caused a great deal of confusion for FanciesHimself but after he consulted OldRuin he discovered that the solicitor was right. OldRuin did indeed like guineas (and any other offer in old school currency it seemed). He was also utterly charmed by the approach as was clear from the tone in which he told the story at chambers tea today. “I wonder  whether I should have made a counter-offer in groats, just to make him smile,” he said.
“Shame it wasn’t in gold sovereigns,” said HeadofChambers.
Then TheBusker said: “Maybe we should all start being a little more imaginative in our settlements. Captain Cook used red feathers as currency in Tahiti and then there were beaver skins in the States…” he paused and then added, “Though I suppose they wouldn’t have been as convenient in your back pocket as the feathers.”

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June 30, 2015 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Old Sweat - June 10, 2010


    You have caught the old spirit loke a fly in amber. As a young advocate ( Iwon’t say exactly when but Lord Woolf was still practicing at the bar) I was having my costs assessed by one of the more gentlemanly but old fashioned Masters down the RCJ and I thought his initial assessment a little light and sought an increase. “Very Well, “, the old boy said with a sigh & smile, “Not 75 pounds, 75 guineas, Mr. Sweat”, How could I argue further?

    Keep up the good work

    Old Sweat