Year 2, week 6: geriatrigation

Actually, I’ve decided in the last couple of days that I’m going to help TheMoldies whether they have a case or not.  Don’t start getting any ideas that this means I’m going all soft or anything.  I mean, hey, win or lose, the David and Goliath type story can only bring me the sort of career-enhancing publicity that most barristers never come near even once in their careers.  Particularly if I can help them run the campaign.  I also kind of figure there’s a whole untapped specialist market for geriatric litigation.  Maybe I’ll call it geriatrigation.  Being a stoical bunch TheMoldies have until not complained.  But I’m kind of figuring that the whiff of adventure may in itself be enough to get them out.

Not quite Californication, but hey, it might just even be fun.

November 9, 2007 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. Sarah - November 20, 2007

    I like David and Goliath type stories…. this blog is great and it’s full of them. I love it.