Year 2, week 6: SoulDestroying

Thinking about TheMoldies today (for which, see yesterday’s post).  Kind of reminds me of a Roger McGough poem entitled ‘Let me die a young man’s death’ in which he says, ‘when I’m 91 with silver hair and sitting in a barber’s chair may rival gangsters with hamfisted tommyguns burst in and give me a short back and sides.’  It’s incredibly sad that they are being affected by something and yet I think it was clear from the conference that it was somewhat of a double-edges sword.  As one of them said,

‘Us oldies have never spoken out before.  But there’s lots of us now, you know, young man and sooner or later we’re going to take back the power.’

There was a kind of breathless excitement to the whole thing.  Like they were onto something really quite big and that despite the injuries of which they were sincerely complaining, they also felt that this was the start of a big adventure.  Perhaps the sort of adventure they wished they’d embarked upon years before. 

Just got me thinking, that’s all, because when I look around chambers there are so many people who have had all sense of adventure sucked out of them.  Like the law has turned their lives to black and white.  Erased the poetry. 

Not the sort of thinking you want to really go down when you’re having to spend a day drafting a schedule of damages which would destroy the soul of even the mightiest of legal warriors.

November 8, 2007 · Tim Kevan · One Comment
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  1. P - November 9, 2007

    Surely if you are a ‘mighty legal warrior’ your soul must have already been destroyed?