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Is Avvo a credible way to search for reliable attorneys (in the USA)

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Living in a world of facts, figures and statistics, it’s easy to be sucked into the direction which ratings and percentages try to lead us. There are many websites and apps dedicated to unpicking and ranking the level of expertise businesses and individuals offer but do any of these really offer value in the legal field and is Avvo a reliable way to find a good lawyer?

What is Avvo

Avvo is a modern listing and review website which allows lawyers to market themselves to the public. With a claim to have a current rating for 97% of the registered lawyers in America, Avvo is becoming a popular and powerful research tool for clients choosing which attorney they will eventually hire.

Featuring an online résumé and basic details such as contact information, the client review section is the feature which has caused most attention on the website. As an independent and voluntary service, Avvo claims to be impartial but does the information it holds have any real significance for its users?

Pros and cons of Avvo

Any website which provides a score based on performance and opinion is liable to cause a split opinion amongst any community. Common concerns which could potentially be voiced over the Avvo platform might include the automatic nature by which lawyers are added into the database and the lack of clarity in calculating each individual score.

On the other hand, Avvo has become incredibly popular in a short space of time due its ease of use and clarity for the end. The prominent position given to any information regarding a lawyer’s disciplinary issues with the State Bar also provides quick and useful information when researching your options.

How an Avvo score compares to other accolades

Lawyer evaluation services are one of the latest developments within the industry but accreditations and memberships are nothing new to law firms looking to boast about their level of prestige. It’s difficult to say with any real conviction that one is more important than the other, however, the weight of multiple accreditations can be more conclusive.

For example, Anthony Steven Bruning Jr of the Bruning law firm in Missouri has a score of 10.0 (superb) at the time of writing according to his Avvo rating. Yet the firm also has various other profiles and ways that it is positively reviewed across the internet such as Google and Facebook and ultimately it is the sum total of these and potentially other evaluations which can give a fuller picture of the firm’s reputation.

Is Avvo a reliable source of information?

While no rating system is ever likely to be completely reliable in the legal profession, Avvo can certainly provide you with a good starting point in the hunt for a dependable lawyer.

The key factor in choosing an attorney to represent you should always be the impression which you take away from a face-to-face consultation. Assessing a lawyer on purely statistical information is not going to provide the full picture, although, the more information you can gather can prove useful in the questions you ask during every free consultation you arrange.

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How to prove a personal injury accident is not just an accident

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from time to time, accidents will happen. Many accidents which lead to an injury are simply accidental meaning they happened through chance rather than anything more serious which can invoke litigation.

In the unfortunate situation that an accidental injury is the result of negligence or the fault of a third party, proving this can be a deceptively hard task in a court of law.

Establishing the cause

When a slip or a fall occurs on someone’s land or within their venue, a resulting injury can potentially warrant a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the property. However, to do this it must be clearly shown that the owner was the person at fault for the accident taking place.

Therefore, the first major step to winning a slip and fall personal injury case is proving the circumstances around which the event took place. It’s critically important to gather as much supporting evidence as possible to build and strengthen any legal action you wish to take. This can take the form of:

• Photos

• Video or mobile phone footage

• Witness statements

• Medical reports

This evidence should clearly highlight any reasons which lead you to believe the property owner is responsible for the ensuing accident.

Proving liability

Proving that the defendant is liable for the accident through failing in their duty of care can be a complicated matter. Furthermore, most States across the country abide by the principle of comparative negligence. This means that at least part of the fault of the accident could be apportioned to the injured party due to carelessness or clumsy behavior.

This is best shown in one of two ways. Either the property owner or employee at the scene directly caused the conditions for the accident or that they should have been aware of the situation and taken any necessary and adequate preventative measures.

To prove the property owner was or should have been aware of the situation is often regarded as the crux of a premises liability case. Achieving this requires not just knowing but proving how long the unsafe environmental conditions were present and if there’s any reasonable justification for these conditions existing. Proving this can be problematic, however, showing physical signs which indicate historic and lengthy faults as well as highlighting maintenance procedures and records can be a powerful tool in your fight.

Undergo a slip and fall review

If you believe an injury you’ve suffered fits the criteria for a successful premises liability claim, contacting one of the many specialist slip and fall accident lawyers should be your next move. Time can play a crucial factor in this as many personal injury lawsuits must be instigated within a time limit defined by the governing State.

Most personal injury law firms offer a free consultation to help assess the validity of any claims you have. By presenting all of the facts and evidence you’ve collected during such a meeting, a trained attorney will determine the merits of your case and offer an honest opinion based on their experience within this field of law.

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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Building a Personal Injury Claim on Behalf of a Child

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We never want to think about accidents happening, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes the unexpected does occur. In those times, it may be necessary to build a personal injury claim. But what happens if the injured party is a child, and you need to build that claim on their behalf?

Here in California there are steps you will need to take in order to build this claim, and of course it’s a good time to consult with a personal injury lawyer that can guide you through the legal process. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that you take those proper steps in order to get the best possible results from the claim.

Step One – Seek Medical Help

It’s important to note that a “child” is any person under the age of 18. You will then be responsible for filing the claim on their behalf.

Before you can start down the road of a personal injury claim on behalf of a child it is important that you seek medical help and have the child examined. A full medical report must be done that clearly states the kinds of injuries, and the extent of them. You want to have this done immediately after the injury occurs. Don’t worry at this point who is to blame in the accident, just focus on the medical treatment and having the child assessed.

Step Two – Contact a Lawyer

Once the child has gotten medical help and treatment, it’s time to contact a lawyer. You want to be sure you look for a personal injury lawyer with tremendous experience. Look for an attorney with specific experience with the type of injury you’ve sustained. If you’ve been in a car accident, look for a lawyer like Stephen Babcock who has actual experience handling motorcycle related cases. These types of lawyers are well versed in the laws of personal injury specifically. They will be able to discuss the injury and determine if the child is eligible for compensation. Provided they are, you will then start to build your case.

Step Three – Determine the Type of Compensation

This is something your lawyer will be able to help you with, but there are a variety of types of compensation your child may be eligible for. There is compensation for a disability, permanent injury, pain and suffering. It should be noted that you as the parent may also be eligible for compensation if you have paid for medical expenses out of your own pocket.

Step Four – Fill Out the Necessary Forms

You should be prepared to fill out forms as required. If there is an insurance company involved, you will need to fill out their form that they provide and then go over the settlement they are offering with your lawyer. No matter who you are settling with, there will be a settlement agreement presented to you. It’s important not to just think about the present but the future and whether or not the settlement will be enough.

Professional Help Will Navigate the Road for You

Because you don’t want to make any mistakes with the claim you file and the process you take, it’s wise to seek a lawyer immediately. Think about how this affects your child not just at the moment but in the future – both physically and financially.

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When Should You Hire a Lawyer?

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Knowing whether or not you need a lawyer is something many of us can struggle with. If you are going through a simple divorce, have a parking ticket or are involved with a small claim, you have the option to represent yourself. However, there are many circumstances when a lawyer is essential and knowing when to search the lawyer directory can be the difference between winning and losing a case.

Are your finances at risk?

In some situations, money can be the most important factor. For instance, any cases where you’re to blame such as car accidents or a lawsuit where you’re being sued, getting a lawyer to represent you is the way to go.

Is a contract involved?

When a contract is required, it is important to go through it with your lawyer before you sign and ensure you have understood everything and know what you are signing up to. If you’re in the process of preparing your contract, you will also need to seek advice from a lawyer. After all, it’s easier to go through and prevent any mistakes with a lawyer than it is to rectify them without one.

Have you been injured?

If you’ve suffered an injury through no fault of your own, then finding someone to represent your cause in court. Or maybe someone has hurt because of you? Either way, you are going to have to consult a lawyer to make sure you take the right action!

Are you fighting for custody of your child?

Whenever there is a child involved, the matter becomes more grave and should be dealt with professionally. Fighting for custody can involve a lot of paperwork which will need a professional set of eyes to look over it. A lawyer will also be acquired to discuss child support rates and to represent you up in court.

Are you dealing with your own or someone else’s Will?

Are you thinking about writing your will? Maybe you want to challenge somebody else’s will? Or maybe even claim because you’ve not been included? All these are valid reasons to consult a Will Dispute Lawyer. They can advise you on what actions you should take dependant on your circumstance.

Are you thinking of about moving office? Or retail store?

Leases for large commercial spaces can be quite complicated and are often written in favour to the landlord. Seek advice from a lawyer to help you understand what the situation is and what your options are if an issue was to occur. When starting up any company, it is advised to hire a lawyer for the future, whether it’s for giving copyright advice or contract writing or even just running through the do’s and don’ts, etc.

Having someone with you in any court situation to stand by you is comforting and will make any circumstance that bit easier. Having a lawyer to depend on should relieve some stress and will keep you level headed.

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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How to Pick and Choose a Family Law Attorney in 5 Easy Steps (in the USA)

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Family law has a lot of touch points with the criminal justice system. It is a separate branch of civil law, though. Family law attorneys address concerns that involve various family-related problems. It includes child support, marriage, divorce, guardianship, and adoption. With thousands of family-law attorneys, it could be a daunting task to pick and choose the best one. A good family law attorney can bring you benefits in many situations. When you want to adopt a child, file for divorce, submit a prenuptial agreement, and so on.

Here are a few tips that can help you find a first class family law attorney near you.

1. Determine the Venue

A legal case commonly takes place in the county and state in which both parties live. Or it happens in the county where the opposing party is from. Most legal cases take place in the county where the plaintiff lives. Yet, there are some exceptions. For example, when someone resides in two states or is in the military.

2. Search for a family law attorney in the place where you’ll file your case

Once you have determined the venue of your legal case, you should start searching for a law attorney. It’s a good idea to put together a list of possible lawyers and do some research. An online research can provide you a lot of useful information about the lawyers you have put on your list. Research their official websites, social media profiles, as well a related press releases and news stories.

Look for the attorneys who deal with the local customs, court staff and judges. You should consider all the local attorneys who are involved in family law. They need to work in the county or district where you will file your case. If you plan to file your case in Maui, make sure to check on

There are several different ways of searching a family law attorney, including:

  • Database of the local bar associations provided by the American Bar Association
  • Bar association website of your state
  • Public-interest websites
  • Search engines
  • Online searchable directories of attorneys
  • Local yellow pages.

3. Talk to people familiar with the attorneys on your list and check online reviews

Ask friends and family how they were dealing with a certain attorney. Is that attorney transparent as regards to services and fees? Was he or she punctual for appointments? Is he/she available for questions? Also, ask them about their opinion and experience with an opposing attorney. Then check online reviews for the selected attorneys. The more information you gather, the better choice you will make.

4. Narrow down your list

Finally, you can narrow down your choices to top five attorneys. This depends on different factors. They include your budget and personal situation along with gathered information. A gut feeling is sometimes decisive when choosing an attorney.

5. Final decision

Call your top choices if your candidates offer free telephone consultations. Otherwise, you should schedule a live consultation tete-a-tete. Make sure to bring your list of questions and required documents when going to the scheduled consultation. The questions should refer to the costs as well as the qualifications and background of the selected lawyers. Besides, make a few questions specific to your case. The attorneys’ answers will give you a hint of how they would deal with your case.

Now that you’ve found out their expertise and background, it’s time to make a final decision. Avoid bad attorneys. Those who have solicited and pressured you into fee arrangements and/or agreements. Also, stay away from those who have suggested unethical or illegal things. Pick one who made you feel comfortable. An attorney who clearly answered your questions. Someone who is straightforward and easy to understand. That attorney has to be skilled and experienced in the specific area you need. Let him/her give you a few examples, successful of course, of the similar cases.

Before terminating any agreement or contract, do not hesitate to express your personal concerns. Remember that you can fire the attorney at any moment during your cooperation. You have the right to do so. Find another attorney who is eager to address your concerns and open to cooperation.

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Monday morning with Alex Williams’ cartoons

This cartoon is by Alex Williams who draws the Queen’s Counsel cartoons for The Times and in numerous books including The Queen’s Counsel Lawyer’s Omnibus. He offers almost all of his cartoons for sale at £120 for originals and £40 for copies and they can be obtained from this email

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3 Things You Should Know About Personal Injury Claims

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Personal injury claims aren’t always straightforward. They can take some time and require the expertise of the best personal injury attorneys you can find. If you’re interested in filing a claim, here are three things you should know.

1. You need to find reliable representation immediately

The longer you wait to find a lawyer, the harder your chances are at getting a good outcome on your case. That’s because you need to take the right action before you make a mistake. There are many mistakes that you can make, and a lawyer can help you avoid those mistake.

While you should rush to get a lawyer, be thorough in your search for one. To be successful, you need a local lawyer who has experience in your field. If you live in New York, look for personal injury attorneys in New York. But if you live in Connecticut, looking for personal injury attorneys in New York isn’t as useful. You need someone with experience working in your state. Some lawyers, like Zlotolow & Associates P.C., have direct experience in representing people in local cases. Look for a local with great reviews and plenty of experience.

2. The Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are many situations that can result in personal injury. Before you take action, you should learn if you were a victim of one of those situations. Motor vehicle accidents commonly result in personal injury. If the other driver was at fault, you may be a victim of personal injury.

A slip and fall accident could also result in personal injury. If you were on someone’s property and they did not do their best to prevent an accident, you may be a victim. In this type of case, there is usually evidence of an injury that has a long-term effect.

Construction jobs aren’t always safe. You may experience personal injury working construction on someone’s property.

Unfortunately, birthing accidents happen as well. When a baby is born, the doctor may make a mistake. This mistake could result in issues like paralysis or brain damage. This is not only difficult on the child, but on the parents as well. It’s another example of personal injury.

There are other incidents that could result in personal injury. Be sure to speak to lawyer about your situation to find out if it qualifies.

3. They often end in settling

While you might think that personal injury claims either end with a win or a loss, that’s not the case. The claims most often end in settling. But this isn’t a bad thing. Settling can be better than a long, drawn out court battle. It can get you the money faster than a long court battle.

A good lawyer can get you a settlement that you’re happy with. They can make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. And they work to get you what you want. If you’ve been a victim of personal injury, you don’t have to live with the consequences. You can take action and get what you deserve.

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