HeadClerkWhen I arrived in this morning all I got from HeadClerk was a very curt nod, completely out of character for a person who is usually so positive and upbeat. ‘What’s up with with HeadClerk?’ I asked TheBusker who I passed in the corridor later.
‘It’s not good at all,’ he replied. ‘As bad as it gets actually.’
‘What can be that bad?’ I asked innocently.
‘One of OldSmoothie’s solicitors rang up and demanded that he double his fee. Said that at its current level it was making their own fees look embarrassingly high to the client.’
‘That sounds great,’ I replied. ‘How can you be annoyed about having fees increased?’
‘That’s just it. HeadClerk prides himself on billing top dollar for all his barristers. To then have a solicitor ring up and say that what he’s billed simply isn’t enough…well, it hurts…’


November 10, 2015 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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