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Lost dreams

I was discussing OldSmoothie and UpTights on Friday with SlipperySlope. “I used to know them both years ago. Rising stars of their generation. Picked out for great things. They even made rather a glamorous couple for all of about a week.” “Oh.” That was news to me. “But now they’re like a couple of old […]

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Judicial blackmail

“Got you a nice little earner for you for tomorrow,” said my Instructing Solicitor SlipperySlope on Monday. “Family case. Very simple.” “But I don’t know anything about family law,” I answered. “Don’t worry about that. You probably still know more than me and anyway, it’ll settle, I promise.” Then he added slightly mysteriously, “The judge’ll […]

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Barristers don’t do non-U

I overheard OldSmoothie lecturing one of the pupils yesterday. “If a solicitor approaches you and says ‘How d’you do?’ you will never again answer in that annoying nasal accent of yours, “Very well, thank you.’ Never. Understand? Non-U and barristers don’t do non-U. Solicitiors might visit the toilet and have settees in their lounges but […]

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Spending a penny

I had a case conference today with two clients. In all we had OldSmoothie, myself, TheVamp and TheCreep all representing the Bar and SlipperySlope, NurserySlope and four other people representing the other half of the profession. Ten lawyers billing out an average of perhaps £400 an hour bringing it to some £4,000 an hour in […]

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In my dreams

“What would be your dream life, BabyB?” asked OldRuin over coffee this morning. “I’ve no idea,” I replied. “But I guess it’d have to involve having financial security for my mother. Maybe pay off her debts, get her a bigger house.” “And what would you be doing?” “I don’t know. I never imagined I’d be […]

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