Announcement: partnering with The Guardian

Well, there I was. One minute I was writing for The Times. Then along came a massive gert paywall and having managed to escape in the nick of time I then found myself headhunted by those kindly souls at The Guardian. I mean, what luck! But not only that. it was as if I was in a Carlsberg advert and The Guardian was probably the best newspaper in the world as they said, ‘Come work with us, but don’t worry, you can keep your own site. Be our partner friendly blogger.’ Hmm, not exactly a difficult choice, particularly when their law section is now in my opinion the very best in the country which is freely available to all. So there you go. Obviously, I’d like to think I was like Tevez as he transferred across from Manchester United to Manchester City but as a humble legal blogger I don’t intend to get too big for my little horse hair wig. But hey, in my dreams that’s the image I’ve conjured and you’ll just have to allow me that. In the meantime, I’m spouting some more thoughts about the paywall in a separate post and then you’ll also hear what OldRuin had to say about it all in chambers tea.

So from now on I’m really delighted to say that I’ll be partnering with The Guardian and it’s exciting to be the pilot scheme in their new online strategy of partnering with bloggers such as myself. What this means in reality is that the main BabyBarista content will appear both here and as a blog at Meanwhile this site will retain its separate identity and include not only the usual blog posts but such extras as guest posts and videos.

July 2, 2010 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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