What is a paywall?

Much chatter in chambers tea today about The Times’ shiny new paywall.
“But what is a paywall?” asked OldRuin sounding a little like the judge who asked ‘What is Oasis?’ or demanded to know what exactly was Linford Christie’s ‘lunchbox’.
“Isn’t it the name of HeadClerk’s football team?” said TheVamp.
“That’s Millwall,” said BusyBody smiling.
“It’s something to keep out the riff raff,” said HeadofChambers.
“Oh, well then, why didn’t you say so? Sounds just up my alley,” chortled OldSmoothie.
“Who’s Allie?” asked TheCreep, who’s going through a phase of trying unsuccessfully to pull off TheVamp’s Carry-On Barristering-type humour. Everyone ignored him.
“It just means they’re going to start charging to use their website,” TheBusker gently explained to OldRuin.
“They call it the drug dealer model.” said TheCreep still attention-seeking. “They get you hooked on freebies and then stick it to you where it really hurts.”
“The difference being that drugs are addictive,” said BusyBody.
“And also that they’re not available for free on every street corner,” said TheBusker.
“So why on earth have one?” asked OldRuin.

Well, quite.

July 2, 2010 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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