Year 4, week 19: OldSmoothie’s number two

TheCreep has been running around chambers today like an excited child, going up to anyone who’ll listen and telling them that OldSmoothie has just taken him on to do a bit of research in a big case. When it came to chambers tea, he still couldn’t contain himself and pretty much everyone heard him blurt out with great pride to TheVamp: “Yes, and he describes me as his number two”.
There was a short silence as people tried to suppress laughter, some of them even looking a little awkward. Eventually, TheVamp couldn’t resist and replied: “His little number two. How very appropriate. Like acting as his right hand then?”
TheCreep was still struggling to get his head around the possibility that his status wasn’t quite as elevated as he’d imagined and answered only with: “Er…”.
Which left him open to her parting shot of: “If you’ll all excuse me but must dash for a number one.”

February 1, 2010 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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