New terms of service for barristers

Interesting to see that solicitors are complaining about the new terms of service as being ‘biased’ to barristers. It reminds me just how ridiculous the old system was. As I understand it, barristers didn’t actually enter into contracts in the past but instead it had what is called an ‘honorarium’. Anyway, in reality what it meant was that solicitors could basically decide to pay you when they liked which often meant not being paid until years after the work had been done. it also meant that it was extremely difficult to enforce particular fees. The main avenue was through the professional bodies which is not terribly attractive for starters. What’s more, I seem to remember that enforcement would only be taken if a complaint was made within a certain time limit and that there was more than one complaint against that firm outstanding. So if the balance has been shifted back somewhat then all I’d say is that it’s about time!

January 28, 2013 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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