Review of ‘Law and Disorder’ audiobook

Nice review of the audiobook of the audiobook of Law and Disorder at the blog DietJustice. It says:

“I was browsing yesterday, and came across Law & Disorder, by Tim Kevan, a fictional account of a pupil barrister. I was a bit sceptical…i expected it to be an amateur attempt at putting a comedy twist on a usually very dry topic. I was wrong, and pleasantly was surprised! The author begins by introducing the reader/listener to the cast. None of the cast are addressed by name, but are given a name that described their role or personality. For example; Head of Chambers, Baby Barrister, High Maintenance and Worrier. The characters are developed throughout the book, and get themselves into various degrees of mischief and trouble. Its a really easy listen/read, and i suspect it gives a pretty good insight into the challenges a pupil barrister will face.”

The audiobook is available here and the book itself is available at

March 28, 2011 · Tim Kevan · Comments Closed
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