‘Law and Disorder’ reviewed in The Solicitors Journal

Great review of Law and Disorder in The Solicitors Journal by Martha Swann. You can read it here or see below. See also Martha’s excellent blog and The Solicitors Journal’s Young Lawyer edited by Ailsa Dixon.

Law and Disorder – Confessions of a Pupil
26 September 2010 Tim Kevan Bloomsbury

When I landed my training contract I was so enthused that I went through a stage of purchasing a library of legal books off the internet, as you do.
One of the books was BabyBarista and the Art of War. This has now been republished under the title Law and Disorder – The BabyBarista Files with a funky new cover to appeal to the masses ahead of a second book set to be published next year.
It was definitely one of my better purchases – as a trainee solicitor I quite like getting a glimpse of what life might be like in chambers as it seems much more… how shall I say this… exciting than my life behind a desk building forts out of files. I therefore cannot vouch for the book’s accuracy, but I can vouch for its humour, wit and brilliant plot.
If you’ve ever read the BabyBarista blog, formerly in The Times and now featured in The Guardian, you’ll know that it has sharply drawn characters with appropriate monikers. BusyBody and OldRuin are two examples – guess what those characters are like. They all work together (or at odds with each other) in a London chambers.
The book focuses on BabyBarista’s pupillage year and the fiercely competitive nature of the pupils as they try and learn their trade while simultaneously battling it out against each other to try and get tenancy.
This brings me to the rather obvious book review question of whether or not I would recommend this book to my friends, my colleagues and to you, dear Young Lawyer readers. I would.
I suspect I am biased as I love the blog (I even am sad enough to follow BabyBarista on Twitter) and I found the book hilarious.
When I enjoy a book I tend to read it in one fell swoop, as I did with this one. So, go and buy it. Even if you’re not familiar with the blog this is a brilliant introduction to it. I just hope you’ve got a spare moment to read it in between job applications and all that photocopying you’ve been asked to do…

Martha Swann is a trainee at Stone Rowe Brewer

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