Inspiring post of the day: introducing Rob the Rubbish!

There’s a lovely letter from my (ie Tim Kevan’s) Dad Robin Kevan in The Independent today about picking up litter. He is famously known as Rob the Rubbish for his efforts which include not only cleaning up his local area but also mountains such as Snowdon, Scafell and Ben Nevis and as far afield as the trek to Everest Base Camp. The Daily Telegraph has described him as “the unlikely new hero of the environmental lobby” and The Independent said that “Mr Kevan thus follows in the footsteps of others who have decided something must be done and done it. One thinks of Florence Nightingale, Albert Schweitzer, Bob Geldof, Diana, Princess of Wales…”. Oh and he even featured in a book called One Can Make A Difference alongside the likes of the Dalai Lama and Paul McCartney. All from picking up other people’s rubbish! You can read more about him on his wikipedia entry. The letter is also printed below.

What I do is rubbish
Terence Blacker’s article (16 July) is another in a long list by journalists and others trying to understand the phenomenon that is a British countryside blighted by litter. I achieved some notoriety a while ago by responding to a radio report about Ben Nevis being strewn with litter, going there from my home in Wales and cleaning it up. I worked on the basis that, if litter offends you, pick it up. It can then no longer offend you and the beauty behind it can be seen. It’s simple.
Most people see litter all around them every day, but, because we are all so focused on just getting through the day, we don’t actually notice it.
Once you really notice litter you are never quite the same again. I regularly clean up my small town and my activities have taken me to Britain’s highest mountains and the Everest trail.
It’s a never-ending job but I’m sustained by the fact that everywhere I roam, things look a lot better behind me.
Instead of getting angry about the huge global litter problem, we could all try to deal with litter on the street outside our own front doors. Clear it up every day. Britain could then be seen for the lovely country it is.
Robin Kevan
(aka Rob the Rubbish)
Powys, Wales
The beautiful photo of my Dad cleaning up Snowdon is copyright photographer Howard Barlow who also sells iconic images of in particular seventies rock stars such as the Ramones and Blondie on his website here. He also has a blog here.

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