How to Determine Who Can Be Held Responsible For My Family’s Wrongful Death

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It is very difficult to cope with the death of a dear one. Things become even more devastating when it was a case of wrongful death. As practicing attorneys, our team at Brooklyn Injury Attorneys P.C. keeps coming across such situations where a person passed away due to the fault of somebody else. Such unfortunate events create the need for hiring an erudite Brooklyn Wrongful Death Lawyer. If you are looking for free yet quality consultation, we are just a call away for such sensitive matters of wrongful death claims.

Who can you hold responsible for the death of a family member?

When you decide to seek justice and make the wrongdoer liable legally, it is imperative to know who you can implicate for these incidents. We have jotted down some categories in this context with the help of our experience as an active law firm.

  • Negligent, drunk, or rash drivers

We have seen that most wrongful death scenarios are due to the fault of a drunk, rash, or negligent driver. Everybody knows that driving while being drunk is an offense. So, if any family members lose their life due to the driving of a drunk or distracted person, it will be essential to implicate him or her for wrongful death. Brooklyn Injury Attorneys P.C. has helped umpteen family members in fighting such cases and getting claims for the loss of their near ones. Let us know if you need legal help here.

  • Medical staff indulged in malpractice

People often presume that only doctors fall in this category. However, our knowledgeable and learned lawyer at Brooklyn Injury Attorneys P.C. will tell you the real thing that even physicians, lab attendants, nurses, and any other medical staff can be made liable for being negligent in their duty. Wrong treatment, delayed diagnosis, incorrect prescription, overdosage, negligent behavior, etc. are some of the genres where we have worked as a claiming Brooklyn Wrongful Death Lawyer.

  • Manufacturers of defective products

Yes, it is possible and legal to ask for compensation in case your family member died due to a faulty product. The manufacturers and distributors have a legal obligation to comply with industry standards and adhere to safety rules. They cannot make goods available in the markets that are hazardous, defective, or prone to causing injuries/ death. Thus, if such a mishap has occurred to your dear ones, it is relevant to seek legal help from top law firms dealing in defective product manufacturing cases.

  • Employers not ensuring safety standards

Workplaces are also reporting plenty of deaths, and the reason is the absence of safety measures. All factory or business owners have a legal mandate to ensure a working environment, machines, and everything else safely. Any type of negligence leading to injuries or deaths is liable legally. So, this is another party that can hold accountable for the wrongful death of a person.

Contact Brooklyn Injury Attorneys P.C. for more cases where wrongful deaths can be the fault of a school administrator, proprietor, landlord, etc.

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