Pros And Cons Of Wooden Houses

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To feel the essence of nature in their livelihood, people nowadays opt for wooden houses. They are lightweight, organic, and superior through distinct means.

However, just like anything in this world, a wooden house consists of both advantages and disadvantages, respectively. That’s why, if you are wondering whether they are worth a buy or not, then give this article a read till last.  


First, we will discuss the advantages of living in a wooden house.

Sustainable construction

Woods are known to have a sustainable construction than other materials. In addition, it is known to take less energy and has a positive effect on the environment.

Woods can absorb carbon dioxide, and hence there is a lesser carbon footprint confined with it. Also, it’s light in weight and easier to carry from one place to another. That makes the construction process more accessible and effortless.

Energy efficient

Woods are recognized as a natural insulator and that’s why its use is energy efficient. Moreover the material renders desirable temperature based on the outside weather.

During summers, it can keep your place cool, and during winters, it can keep your home warm. With such effects, you will be saving unnecessary spendings related to air conditioners and heaters.

Aesthetic appearance

Woods render that classy yet unique touch to the outer surface of a home. Regardless of being the ideal choice for decoration, they hold innovative patterns and exteriors too. Not to forget the authentic smell that soothes one’s mind.

Wooden houses are available as per the preferred color. You can get it painted as per the suitable shade combinations for a log cabin.

Highly versatile building material

Wooden houses are versatile and flexible for repair and alteration. It can be easily customized as per the requirements of an individual. Hence, renovations with wood are pretty effortless and quick.

Also, they are reusable and appropriate for making upgrades in the house. With extensive versatility, these efficient materials are suitable for creating buildings or other items for use.


Woods are quite money-friendly material. So, if you want the best results in little money, wooden houses are worth a purchase.

When compared with other materials, woods does not require excessive money for any fixations. Likewise, its properties have helped people to save money on electronic appliances (ac, coolers) and rebuilding.


Now, let’s take a brief glimpse into the cons of living in a wooden house.

Prone to damages due to harsh weather conditions

A humid weather condition can decay the wood and damage it with time. Similarly, Monsoon is not a very friendly season for woods too. However, by lessening the exposure to such conditions, you can keep the house safe and secure for living.

Requires scheduled maintenance to make it really long-lasting

Wooden houses require maintenance through clean sliding every year. Each section of the house needs to be washed with warm water, soap, and brush.

Likewise, woods are hygroscopic in nature, which means they shrink or swell quickly. Thus, it’s recommended to cover the house with water-resistant coats for such instances. You should also keep it away from fire-induced substances as it’s likely to catch fire easily.

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