5 Common Causes of Car Accidents in Michigan

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There were 985 fatal car accidents in 2019, out of a total of 312k crashes, which is a slight increase from the previous year. The stats showed that alcohol-related accidents fell, as did teen fatalities and accidents involving commercial vehicles. Sadly, pedestrian fatalities increased by 3%.

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These figures show you can’t be complacent when traveling in a vehicle or crossing the road in Michigan. Accidents happen for many reasons, and we are going to examine the main causes below. Remember, if the worst does happen, it’s important to contact a car accident law firm for assistance.

Driving Too Fast

Driving at excessive speeds is a factor in many car accidents, and not just in Michigan. In fact, speeding was a primary factor in a quarter of all car crashes in 2016, with 1.96% of these incidents resulting in a fatality and 10.63% causing suspected serious injuries.

Drug Driving

Driving while impaired is another common reason for car accidents. If the driver is high on drugs, their reaction times will be significantly slower. They are also more likely to take risks on the road. Whether you are driving in Michigan or anywhere else, never drive while under the influence of drugs. It is too dangerous. Even if you feel fine, having a detectable amount of an illegal substance in your body means you could be indicted and imprisoned for life if someone was killed.


Fatigue is often a factor in car accidents. Driving home at the end of a long shift at work, driving if you have a sleep disorder, and even driving when you have a baby waking you up multiple times a night is risky. If you are excessively tired, your reaction times will be slower than normal, and you could accidentally fall asleep behind the wheel. The problem you face when driving while fatigued is that you injure or kill a third party, which could see you charged with criminal negligence. 

Malfunctioning Vehicles

Defects and malfunctioning cars are another cause of accidents in Michigan. It’s important that you carry out routine maintenance and have issues fixed immediately. Malfunctioning brakes and seatbelts that don’t work could potentially lead to a fatal accident.

Deer Collisions

There were 55,531 collisions involving deer in Michigan during 2019, with Oakland one of the worst counties for deer-related car accidents. The problem with deer is that they are large animals. Whereas hitting a small animal might cause some damage, colliding with an adult deer is likely to cause significant damage to it and you. 80% of deer accidents occur between dusk and dawn, with fall the worst season. Be vigilant if you are driving in rural Michigan and if the worst does happen, call the police immediately. If you decide to keep the deer so you can fill your freezer with venison, remember to ask the officer for a highway deer kill permit.

Other common causes of car accidents in Michigan include bad weather, bad driving, and distracted driving, which typically involves texting, making phone calls, and switching channels on the radio.

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