7 Common Causes Of Neck Injury Cases

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Everyone wants to live a normal life where pain doesn’t stop you from doing anything. However, bodily pain brings a discomfort that can stop usual routines, such as pulling a sweater down, putting on socks, tying on shoes, and more. This is particularly true for neck injuries which affect the person’s entire lifestyle.  

Neck injury results when an unexpected event disrupts the mobility and functionality of the neck. Medical treatment to bring it back to normal can be painful and difficult. 

With that, here are the common causes of neck injury that you should look out for: 

1.     Vehicle Collisions 

If you’ve been in a car accident where a car hit yours from behind, pushing your head forward even with a seatbelt on, there’s a high chance of developing neck injury as the event happened quickly, not allowing you to prepare or brace your body.  

When your body is pushed forward during the accident, tension is provided to your neck. There will also be strain on your neck and head as your head bounces back to the headrest.   

After meeting a car accident and you’ve developed a neck injury, you should file a personal injury claim as it has affected your life. This allows the other party to pay for the damage that it has caused both your car and your health.   

2.     Falls and Slips 

Whether you’re at home, work, or outside, there’s a possibility of having a neck injury when you accidentally slip or fall to the floor. If you suddenly drop to the floor and kept your head from hitting the ground, there’s a chance that you put too much pressure on what your neck could handle, allowing you to develop neck injury.  

When you develop neck injury from falls or slips, make sure that you ask a physician to check your other body parts for injuries as well. You need to ensure that there aren’t’ any more as these could provide inconvenience and pain in the long run. 

If you slipped at work or in someone else’s property because of the negligence of the owner, you should consult your neck injury lawyer to receive the compensation that you deserve for the injury.  

3.     Sports Event 

Getting injured due to sports events is pretty common, especially if it’s a competitive sport that requires your entire body to move intensely by the minute. One of the most common sports that cause neck injury is football as it requires a player to do a lot of tackling.  

While you cannot avoid physical collision with the other players, you need to ensure that your body is in the right condition before you play. You should always stretch out your entire body, including your shoulders and neck, to decrease the possibility of a neck injury. You should also wear your protective gear to ensure that you won’t be developing neck injuries that can stop you from playing.  

4.     Diving Into Shallow Water 

If you’re a swimmer and persists in diving without knowing how deep or shallow the water is, you’re more likely to develop a neck injury.  

When you dive into shallow water, you’re allowing intense tension to your head when it touches the ground. While that can be extremely dangerous as it can cause you your life, it could also cause neck injuries.  

Before you head out and dive, ensure that the water is, at least, eight feet deep to guarantee that you’ll be safe from injuries or accidents that could occur.  

5.     Poor Sleeping Position 

If you’ve been sleeping in an awkward position, there’s a chance that you’ll wake up with intense pain in your neck. This can make it extremely difficult and painful for you to turn your head.  

To avoid getting neck injury from your sleep, you should use a pillow with the right height. Ideally, you should have a pad that allows your head to align with your spine as it’ll cause more tension if your head is too high or too low for your body. For your best options, you might want to consider purchasing a sleeping pillow intended for neck pains so that you’re sure you get the right sleeping position to avoid neck injuries.  

6.     Performing Repetitive Tasks 

When you always sit on your computer for the whole day in the normal course of your work, you can develop neck injuries over time. Apart from work, it could also be from writing, knitting, sewing, drawing, or driving where your head is constantly held in position for extended periods, 

While you cannot avoid performing these repetitive tasks, you should try to relax and ease the tension away from your neck for, at least, a couple of minutes to do some light stretching. You should practice basic neck exercises to relieve your neck from stress, allowing your muscles to move and avoid developing injuries.  

7.     Lifting Heavy Objects With Improper Posture 

When it comes to lifting heavy objects, you should try to avoid bending your whole body over to the item that you’re going to grab as it’ll cause you hip, back, and neck injury.  

To lift heavy objects properly, you should do a squatting position in front of the thing you’re to carry and put your hands on the proper handles and straighten your legs and back as you lift the object upward. With a correct and straight position, you’re allowing your body to be injury-free while carrying heavy items. Along with this, you should also stretch your body before and after lifting the object to avoid muscle strain.  


Experiencing neck injuries can be genuinely inconvenient and painful at the same time. While no one wants to develop them, you should know the common causes of neck injuries so that you could avoid them. However, when doing strenuous activities, you shouldn’t forget to stretch your neck and shoulders after every few minutes to prevent you from developing injuries. Now, when the inevitable happens and your neck gets injured because of someone else’s negligence, know that you have a recourse in filing a case.

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