Accidents Caused by Amazon Delivery Trucks

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Amazon is now making deliveries with Amazon Flex. It’s like the Uber of Lyft of delivery services. Drivers are now being hired by Amazon as independent contractors to pick up orders from regional shipping centers and deliver them with their own vehicles. They enjoy flexible hours, and some drivers earn as much as $25 an hour.

The Trend Toward Gig Drivers

Only a small minority of truck drivers for Amazon are actual Amazon employees now. Nearly all of their drivers are independent contractor gig works who don’t want to be tied into one job anyway. Companies like Amazon have learned that by using independent contractors for deliveries rather than teamsters or other unionized drivers, they’re saving big money and increasing their bottom lines.

Who Pays if an Amazon Driver Causes an Accident?

Amazon does require its gig worker drivers to carry liability insurance, but only a statutory minimum amount. It isn’t much anywhere in the country, and in the event that you’re seriously injured by an Amazon delivery driver, you’ll likely find that the mandatory coverage isn’t enough to even cover your medical bills. Amazon does have its own commercial liability insurance, but that’s only triggered if the driver’s liability limits have been exhausted, AND that driver was on a delivery when the accident occurred.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident Caused by an Amazon Driver

Whether you’re another driver, a motorcyclist, bicyclist or a pedestrian, there are certain steps that you should take to preserve and protect your rights after being injured in an accident that was caused by an Amazon driver. First and foremost, phone 911 and ask that both police and paramedics be dispatched to the scene. Don’t get talked out of this under any circumstances. You’ll likely have no claim or lawsuit against the driver or Amazon without a police investigation and report. The investigating officer will complete a report of the accident, and the paramedics can stabilize you and get you to an emergency room. They’ll also complete their own report of their findings after examining you at the scene. That report can be crucial in tying your injuries into the crash. After that, the following steps might be helpful:

  • Take photos of any visible injuries after you leave the emergency room.
  • Note any symptoms that aren’t visible like headaches, ringing of the ears, blurred vision or nausea.
  • If safe, take photos of the exact accident scene and your vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle. License plates should be on the vehicle or motorcycle.
  • Report the crash to Amazon by calling 844-311-0406.
  • Call a reputable law office that specializes in rideshare law.

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