Why You Need an 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

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Most personal injury attorneys in the USA have handled car accidents. They may have aided the pedestrian hit by a car or the passenger injured in a drunk driving case. However, most attorneys lack the experience and expertise to handle the more complex cases involving tractor trailers also known as 18-wheelers.

The Severity of the Damages

Force equals mass times acceleration. It takes more energy to get a truck to high speed than a car. That’s why the car hit by an 18-wheeler will suffer far more damage than if struck by another car traveling at the same speed. This can result in a car wrapped around the 18-wheeler, not the dented car doors you’ll see with a standard T-bone accident. This causes bones to break, traumatic brain injuries and, all too frequently, death. The associated medical bills, property damage, lost wages and long-term costs to be far greater in an 18-wheeler accident than other types of car accidents. You need an attorney who regularly handles in serious commercial vehicle accidents to be able to accurately predict the total, lifetime costs of a given accident.

The Complex Liability in Most Cases

A semi truck accident could be due to the negligence of the driver. However, the accident might be the result of several other parties, as well. A driver who simply drives the company’s vehicles may have nothing to do with its upkeep. Then they aren’t responsible for the faulty breaks or worn tires. The truck might be maintained by a fleet management service separate from the company whose name graces the side of the 18-wheeler. The hard part is determining what caused the accident, who or what groups are liable, and in what degree.

This is why you must work with an experienced 18 wheeler accident lawyer. Pick any generic personal injury attorney, and your odds of winning your case and receiving the full damages you’re due go down dramatically. Furthermore, you want to make sure that you’re working with an attorney who doesn’t take on truck companies as clients.

The Investigation

A conventional car crash investigation will start by asking for the contact information of witnesses and pictures you took at the scene. Unfortunately, you can’t do this if you’re rendered comatose when a truck crashes into you. These accidents generally trigger a police report, when you have to request one in lesser car accidents. When the damage is severe or a death results, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration might get involved, but the local transit authority will probably generate its own report.

The average 18-wheeler is driven by a professional driver. This means that an investigation will include their traffic record and commercial driving certifications as well as ask whether or not they were too tired or drunk to be driving. The track record of the company that owns and maintains the vehicle will come into question, too. The best 18-wheeler accident attorneys are familiar with every source of information related to any crash in Houston, allowing them to quickly compile the information related to your case. And this means they won’t waste your time asking you about what you may not remember.

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