When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

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Personal injury law covers a wide number of situations. It can include medical malpractice and the medical bills caused by someone choosing to punch you in the face. It encompasses the aftermath of car wrecks and bullies driving someone to attempt suicide. When do you need a personal injury attorney?

Multiple Parties Are Involved

You may be able to settle a minor fender bender accident on your own. You might even pay the bill out of pocket to avoid an insurance claim. If there are several parties involved, liability can be harder to prove, and there are several groups fighting to avoid blame. This is why you must have good legal representation.

When are there several parties involved in a personal injury case? A classic example is a multi-car accident. You were rear-ended, and you hit the person in front of you. Or a large truck swerved and hit several people at the same time. Now there are several insurance companies and injured parties involved in the suit. You need legal representation to get your fair share of any settlement and avoid being assigned the blame. Unfortunately, medical malpractice cases can include several liable parties, as well. This can include the doctor, the nurse, the hospital and other caregivers.

The Bills Are Piling Up

A personal injury lawyer may not take a case for several hundred dollars. You may or may not be able to handle an insurance claim for several thousand dollars in medical bills and property damage. If the bills related to the case are piling up, the odds you need an attorney are also increasing. Once you start factoring in lost wages, future medical bills and pain and suffering, you must have an attorney. You can’t afford to settle for what seems like a large lump sum, if that isn’t enough to cover ongoing costs of providing care to a disabled person or reduced income over the rest of their life.

The Criminal Case Has Long-Term Repercussions

Someone stealing your purse out of your car or taking a computer out of your home is a criminal case. Did you know that you may have a personal injury case, as well? For example, it is possible to sue a sexual abuser for the emotional harm they’ve caused as well as make them pay for the associated medical costs like therapy. You can file assault charges and sue someone for the medical bills that resulted from them beating you up. Furthermore, you can sue a drunk driver or uninsured driver for the damages they’ve caused.

Someone Has Died

Every death is a tragedy. Not every tragic death is due to someone else’s actions or failure to do the right thing. Unfortunately, many accidents are due to someone’s decisions. It could be a poor wiring job that results in an electrical fire in an apartment building or a decision to delay repairing the brakes on a big rig until there is a car crash. The decision to hurriedly fill a prescription without checking for dangerous drug interactions or have an understaffed daycare can lead to accidental deaths. These cases always cause heartbreak. They may be associated with medical bills racked up trying to save the person. You are eligible for compensation in the case of wrongful death, regardless of the cause. Consult with a personal injury attorney to understand your options.

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