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Life is uncertain. Today, accidents are happening almost every day that leads people to lose their lives or incur critical injuries. Here it’s essential to get in touch with an expert lawyer who can help you claim the compensation for your damage. One of the severe kind of injuries is a spinal cord injury. 

If you or anyone you know has a spinal cord injury because of an accident, they can claim the following expenses and losses, with the help of an expert personal injury attorney.

  1. Medical bills

Spinal cord injuries are catastrophic! When you spend several months in a hospital witnessing rehabilitation, you recover. Simultaneously, the personal injury law enables the concerned victims to claim the economic damages for medical care linked to the accident. It comprises of costs of the medications, surgeries, hospitalizations, rehab, and the like. The insurance settlement claims can also get covered under this.

  • Earnings or wages

Generally, the spinal cord injury victims have to spend ample time at home or a medical care center for their recovery! They won’t be able to work because a spinal cord injury leads to reduced motor skills, poor muscle management, and partial or complete paralysis. Hence, the person concerned is entitled to lose their jobs and their earning for a while. They can claim the same while fighting the legal case. The lost lifetime wages get estimated from the accident time, till such time, the victim’s anticipated retirement age. It also gets decided based on the injury severity. To know more about the same, you can check out Martin G. Schulz & Associates – Calgary Injury Lawyers.

  • Sufferings and pain

The personal injury law often identifies many types of non-economic losses from personal injury. Other than the physical pain, it also considers the mental distress and the emotional condition after the injury. 

  • The non-economic damages

The spinal injury claims in Calgary and other places can also request cash for compensating the victim’s loss of care, companionship, advice, security, instruction, counsel, education, and training. And this list of compensable non-economic damages is directly available from the state law.

  • The attorney expenses

Usually, the spinal cord injury attorneys take most of their victim cases on a contingency basis. It means, they collect the fees once the client gets the insurance settlement or after the court sanctions the jury award. They can make all the effort to get the person responsible for the spinal cord injury to pay all the fees as an award or the compensation settlement.

In accidents, caused by a truck, motorcycle or a car, there’s a chance of the driver being guilty. The driver could be under the influence of drugs or might be drunk, which caused the accident in the first place. The victims can seek punitive damages as well. All these get considered as non-criminal fine, imposed by the civil trial jury to punish the reckless behavior of the person who caused the accident. It also sends a message to other rash drivers to drive carefully or refrain from driving when they are under the impact of alcohol or drugs.

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