Things that you must know about getting caught when driving on a suspended license

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Do you live in Virginia? Then, it is essential to know that if your license gets suspended, you cannot drive your car for some time. It doesn’t matter whether you have to attend the office, visit a doctor, buy groceries for your home, or drop your children to their school. If you don’t abide by the rules and get caught while driving, you can face the charges of a misdemeanor in this US state. Besides, you can face jail and severe penalties along with a further restriction on driving. With the help of a qualified law firm, such as Henson Pachuta & Kammerman, PLLC, you can, however, understand your case.

What can cause license suspension?

There can be various reasons due to which you may lose your right to drive for a specific period. It can be due to as minor as not paying a small fine. Anyway, when you face suspension, you cannot drive any vehicle, including a car, motorcycle, or anything that you can drive on a road or highway. Riding moped may not be an issue as it doesn’t come under the law. However, in this case, also, there can be a restriction on speed. It shouldn’t exceed 35 miles per hour speed. Now, let’s explore some of the circumstances under which you can lose your driving freedom.

  • Not paying court penalties or fees for a vehicle or non-vehicle related charges
  • Not having car insurance required by Virginia law or paying the fee for using uninsured motor vehicle
  • Not paying jail fees
  • Getting caught in reckless driving and thereby, facing driver’s license suspension as part of the punishment
  • Having a poor driver’s record due to traffic offenses occurred within a short time
  • Driving despite having mental and physical limitations

What type of penalties may you face?

Since driving on a suspended license in Virginia is a serious misdemeanor offense, you may face any of the following punishments by law:

  • Up to one year of jail.
  • Up to $2,500 fine.
  • Extension of the license suspension.
  • Vehicle confiscation.

These apply if it was your first or second-time offense. However, if you commit the same mistake within ten years for the third time, then you can face a sentence of ten years in jail besides other penalties, as mentioned above.

Points to remember

Legal proceedings tend to be complicated and can assume any sudden twist and turn. If you are not a lawyer yourself, you will not understand the nitty-gritty of it. Hence, it’s always better to hire a trusted law agency and entrust them with this job of defending your side.

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