Had a bike collision? Find out what you should do

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The growing cycling craze is leading to a combination of more cars and bicycles on the road in Halifax. The chances of an accident have also magnified. Sometimes, the collision occurs due to the lack of knowledge or respect of the motorist for the road cycling safety rules. Often these incidents go unreported.

Hence, it becomes difficult to comprehend the types of accident cases happening in the city and their frequency. It may make you wonder if you could avoid a situation too. But have you thought about a time when a car hits you and runs? Since it is one of the enormous risks, you should not take any collision case casually and deal with it with maturity.

God forbid if any such thing happens to you, then you must ensure these from your side.

On the accident spot

  • Stay calm and do deep breathing.
  • Connect the emergency number or the regional police line of Halifax.
  • Request the car driver not to leave the place until the police come.
  • Collect driver details, including full name, license number, and contact information.
  • Note down every possible data related to the accident, such as time, location, vehicle model, brand, colour, insurance company and policy number, witness name and contact details, name of the police officer, and police report.
  • Click pictures of the collision scene, including the license plate of the driver, road where the incident took place, nearby area, injuries, any damage to your bicycle, etc.

After going home

After you have taken care of all these things, you can go back home. But your duty doesn’t end there. A few more things you would still need to ensure from your end. These include:

  • Go to a doctor for a check-up
  • Register the case online within 24 hours if the police didn’t reach
  • Get in touch with the insurance company

Before you contact the insurance carrier, you would need to reach out to a qualified personal injury lawyer Halifax for guidance on the matter. Using his experience and expertise, the advocate can tell you what steps you should follow next to claim compensation or whether it is the right decision or not. If you know one already, that’s great. It removes your headache to search.

But if you would need someone to give a reference, then ask your family members, friends, and colleagues first. They might have had such an experience where they needed to approach a lawyer in an accident case. Besides, you can always run a quick Google search to find out the personal injury lawyers in your city.

Just remember that responsible behaviour can spare you many troubles. So, make sure you don’t leave any scope of mistake from your end. Also, be candid with your lawyer when he wants to know how much you were at fault when the accident happened. Your honesty and carefulness can strengthen your case.

Since there are many expert lawyers in the city, you don’t need to worry about anything. Just have your evidence ready and do some due diligence to turn things into your favour.

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