Criminal Defense – What to do when accused of domestic violence?

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The domestic violence cases are on the rise in the US. If you face any such charges, you have to be careful with what you say and do when the police arrive. The cases generally involve arrest. You cannot run away to a friend’s place or a hotel so that it dies down. You have to cooperate with the duty officer. Besides, keeping silence and contacting a defense lawyer at earliest can prove to be most helpful. There are many critical things that you need to ensure from your end to play safe. In this article, you will learn about them so that you can deal with the situation better when any such charges surface against you.

Before going into that, it’s crucial to know that domestic violence includes assault, battery, sexual assault or battery, kidnapping, stalking, and other such crimes. Physical harm or death of a person in family or household due to another also falls under this category.

How to interact with the police?

An arrest is the most likely consequence if the police arrive at the scene of alleged abuse. They will investigate the evidence and based on reasonable doubts, take the accused with them. When they do their duty, you must follow these points:

  • Don’t share anything related to the incident with the police as it can later develop into a case against you. Just reveal your identity and maintain silence until you have had legal advice.
  • Don’t be rude to the police; deal with them calmly so that they don’t get an opportunity to slap any other charge on you.

What to do when detained?

When the officers take you to jail, they can ask you to give your signature on a written statement. You don’t need to sign it. Also, you may need to use a jail phone to contact people. Be careful in your conversations. Also, do not call your accuser because it can lead to the case of stalking. With inmates and guards, you should be polite.

If the police have arrested you on the grounds of reasonable doubts, it is undeniable that you will have to face jail. The release will happen only when judge orders bail along with certain restrictions. The conditions can restrict you from meeting the abused, going back to home, possessing weapons, etc. Violating any condition can amount to the cancellation of the bond. So, stick to them.

Since domestic violence charges can alter your lifestyle completely, you must be wise in your actions. Your employment opportunities can get affected. You can also face trouble in divorce and child custody cases. To make sure your problems don’t multiply, you should hire a trusted defense lawyer. Your defense attorney can help get those conditions modified after you come out of jail. He can also navigate you through the complicated justice system of the state. For more knowledge or any assistance with such criminal charges, you can visit Criminaldefense once. With years of experience and skills, criminal defense lawyers can handle your case well.

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