Why hire securities arbitration Lawyer Baltimore for help?

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Whether you are a shareholder or an investor in the USA, you can take the help of a securities lawyer for guidance.  He can help you know a company inside-out before you put your hard-earned money into it. He can protect your interests if you lose your money in the stock due to fraudulent activities (such as insider trading) or not adhering to trading rules.

Understanding securities arbitration

In the event of a fall out between you and your investment professional, you can choose a lawyer as your representative during arbitration proceedings. Securities arbitration is the same as the court proceedings. However, the only difference is that it is comparatively a faster, affordable, and simple process. In this procedure, the concerned parties appoint an arbitrator (a neutral third party) for the resolution of the dispute. The matter takes place before a FINRA panel comprised of three arbitrators. The tribunal hears all the arguments, examine the evidence, and give their judgment called award. Once announced, the parties have to accept it. No one can challenge the decision. Nevertheless, there can be specific exceptions. 

How many arbitrators participate in the discussion depends on the value of the claim. For example, if the claim is worth $50,000, only one arbitrator can do the job. However, if the amount is over $1,00,000, then there can be three panelists along with a chairperson to attend the in-person hearing. In the first case, a single arbitrator can make a decision based on the phone, paper, or in-person hearing.

Benefits of hiring an attorney

As per FINRA rules and regulations, every party has the right to hire a lawyer to represent their case in the arbitration session. If you choose an experienced Maryland attorney for dispute resolution, you can benefit in multiple ways.

  • Since you may not have proper knowledge of how arbitration proceedings work, you may feel slightly uncomfortable. But having an expert advocate by your side can remove this tension.
  • The process can be less complicated than litigation, but it also involves complex legal issues and implications that only an expert can understand and handle.
  • You can take help of the attorney to understand where you stand in your claim for arbitration and whether it is the right decision on your part or not. His guidance can save your money as well as time.
  • You and other parties can carry emotional baggage to the arbitration proceedings, but your lawyer can remain unbiased in his approach and provide the best legal suggestion.
  • You can discuss every minute detail of your case with him or her as lawyers cannot compromise the confidentiality of the client at any cost. Whatever you share with the person will stay between you two. It can help both of you build trust and hence, make way for accurate guidance.

If you want to improve your chances of winning a case in your favor or save your valuable efforts, then bringing a licensed and experienced securities lawyer makes sense. You can search for lawyer Baltimore Maryland online, or ask your friends and family for a reference. You can find one for your need quickly.

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